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Trump Crossed The Line Again


Trump Crossed The Line Again

This is getting So Unreal, Our So Called President Of The United States Of America, Has Really acted like a Fool again.

As We know he is over in Tokyo Japan right now ,And being a fool is a major under statement, If We thought the summit in Helsinki was Bad and embarrassing, How Trump Snuggled up to Putin.

Trump The President Of United States is over in Japan doing even worse, First of all he is teaming up with Kim jong un, The murdering torturing corrupt leader of North Korea, Who By the way just launched more ballistic missiles toward Japan, And Prime Minister of Japan Obe is just besides himself, While Trump buddies Up with Kim who once again has defied all sanctions,

And broke all promises to de-nuke North Korea, In order to land in good graces with the rest of the world. Well it goes something like this  I am paraphrasing for lack of the real statements Kim has insulted Democratic front runner Joe Biden saying he was a low I.Q. Individual,
And Trump Follows up with his own insults to biden calling him a low life swamp man with a very low I.Q. right from the podium at a joint press conference in Japan with p.m. obe. And we can only assume Prime Minister Obe was not impressed with Trumps open love for Kim. Trump stating also he was not worried one bit about Kim`s recent missile launches. Heading towards Japan.Trump said”does not bother me”Trump
Now this is Blatant Siding with a ruthless murdering dictator, And attacking a former Vice President of our country, In front of the whole world.

How  Much Do We Have To Put Up With? 

This is unprecedented in our country. Never has a President of The United States Of America sided with a ruthless Dictator. And against one of our leaders who carries more prestige in his little toe than Trump could carry in a truck. And I believe when Trump gets back home the back peddling will begin in earnest. He will start the lies before he steps off the plane.

The Bigger Question still very much remains   

Just How much do we Americans have to put up with this Embarrassing President? We need to begin impeachment Hearings at once.
You Know damn well if the roles were reversed the Republican`s would already be well under way. To remove a Democratic President from office
I mean look what they did to Clinton just for getting a blow Job. If we went back to 2015 and counted the misdeeds of this President,
It would fill a Sunday Edition of The Washington Post. Its Absurd that the Republican Senate is so Blindly Forgiving with this Looser.
I’m not  nor have I ever been a hateful person ,But I`m beginning to Notice what hatred feels like for the first time,

And I Do Not like it.

And here is another little tidbit From the Sick mind of Mr.Donald Trump. When in Japan the other day in-fact on Memorial Day  the administrations party of aids and staff were touring some of our American Naval Fleet paying respect to our fleet stationed in Japan over the memorial day, But staff  were tasked  With covering up one of our navy ships with a tarp, And finally had to also pull a huge barge in front of the Ship, All this because Donald Trump did not want to look at this ship,  Its a American Guided missile Vessel, So why the Fuss? The name of the Destroyer is USS, John McCain, This is no joke thats how childish and sick our President Of The United States is. Made the staff actually throw a tarp cover over the name of this ship so he did not have to look at it CRAZY or what ?
But this has way more to do with being honest and honorable ,No not Trump, But You, Me , Every citizen of this almost great country Whether you are republican or democrat , Libertarian, Doesn’t  matter  Its all our responsibility
To take our Country back lets truly Make America Great Again, By Ousting this Scoundrel  Let him go back to running his crime family, Or better yet face his accusers ,Bone spurs and all.  But please leave our country alone Mr. Trump.
Maybe we still have time to repair some of these international relationships. Are alleys are left with a empty set of policies because of the smart genius who has inflected his paranoia onto the rest of the good world, And back slap and praise  the worlds evil dictators like no leader of any country ever has.
All the while rejecting the advice of our security agencies . Even on world wide television. Fires whoever disagree`s with him in his administration.  And If you do not disagree with this man ,You Are Wrong…


I beg congress to do their job and save our country from this spreading cancer called Trump.

Trump,Putin,And The Mob


Trump,Putin,And The Mob

Seems like the Russians Have helped Donald Trump a whole bunch, First they way over paid him for the Miss Universe Pageant, They have reportedly got him huge loans when no body would touch Donald J,Trump with a hundred foot pole,As Far as loaning him money went,

He was the Plague.

And for good reason he simply never repaid a few previous loans from American Banks. Its reported valued in The Billions the amount he has burned previous Banks who loaned him money for.
That`s where we get Trump,Putin,And The Mob


So how has Trump managed to get money out of russia? Its believed to be through Russian Oligarchs Who laundered money  Thru Douche Bank, And Quite possibly thru Donald J.Trumps high rise apartments that he sells to Russians for way more than actual Value.

See What You Think



Donald J Trump has changed the country

Donald J Trump has changed the country




I would have never believed 2 years ago if I had heard a Senator or Congressman from

The United States Of America speak the words “do you think our president is a Russian Operative?”

Its just hard to fathom, But I do see why it is a question that does surface.Donald J Trump has changed the country.

I mean look at the Helsinki Summit between Trump And Putin.

Trump acted like he wanted to breast feed from Putin. I never seen anything so humiliating the way he just falls to pieces when around Putin. Not a tough guy at all.

So that tells a lot to me about this man’s loyalty, It really seems he is in debt to Putin some way shape or form. If we will ever get the truth about this relationship I doubt it.

Speaking about the truth, Getting anything truthful out of the mouth of Donald Trump would be such a shock we would never believe it anyway.

To think this man is President Of The United States is a total shock to a persons system.

According to the news reports and books written about Mr. Trump, There is nobody in this country that is more criminal, I mean he cheats and breaks the law on literally everything he does.

He is at the very least one of the biggest Bullshitters and fabricators of the truth we have ever seen. He has been lying and Bull Shitting people his entire adult life.

I mean what person in the history of our country has ever conned his way all the way to the top? You got to hand it to him on that one. He is the winner in that category.

But i`m not so sure we want the worlds biggest conman as our President.

I cannot help but think if President Obama had lied ,cheated on his taxes,paid off porn stars , Belittled people with disabilities, Insulted gold star families, Totally insulted our war heroes, Tried to throw out every minority in our country, And all the while lived

as a self made billionaire when in reality he was not even close. I believe they would have ran him out of D.C. And maybe even locked him up.

Have we really lowered the bar that much?

Many people in America still support this fake man. The republicans in the senate still defend his actions. Its unbelievable to me how someone could be so blind as to believe in this man.

He openly cheated on all 3 of his wives, Even while they were pregnant . He is a real piece of work as they say. He cares only about his own persona and what people believe he is instead of what he really is in reality.

How about the story of his wealth?

Donald Trump has stated over and over that he got his start by getting a small loan from his father Fred Trump of one Million Dollars, And he claims he masterfully turned that into a multi billion dollar business.

The facts are ,Over the years it is reported that Donald Trump has actually received over 413 million from his dad over the course of his life but maybe much more.

His dad Fred Trump got his money dealing in New York City real estate , And its been reported that Donald Trump and his dad Fred Trump were involved in wide spread tax evasion having to do with Fred’s business dealings, And Donald was on the receiving end of the wealth Squired from these illegal tax schemes.

So cheating and illegal dealings are nothing new to Donald Trump. Lets not forget Donald Trump was the sole leader in the birther movement that was questioning the fact that President Obama was not born in the U.S.A. But in fact was a African Muslim.

This proved to be total falsehood and after a couple years Trump gave it up.

And Donald Trump is a Bigot years ago he lost a law suit in New York City Along with his Father Fred where he was found guilty of refusing to rent apartments to minority would be renters.

And the Incident in Charolletsville last year where he protected white nationals in a rally where a women was killed. Then just look at this border wall thing he has spent so much time and money on. All because of his hatred of minority’s

He has taken this so far that he declared a national emergency over it,And took funds from other programs congress appropriated, To fund this border wall. He really has a dislike for former President Obama ,Choosing to end as many programs as he can that have Obama’s name on them. Just because he is Black I’m sure.

Lets not forget the travel ban he tried pushing thru, And the Shithole countries he talked about that needed to be included in the travel ban.

But Trump does have some followers it is amazing to me as to why anyone would follow and agree with this man on anything. Just like Senator Lindsay Graham , I cannot for the life of me figure this one out.

Senator Graham’s Best friend in the Senate was John McCain, These two were friends for years. Often traveling together across the planet working together to help solve world and American issues. It seems Senator Graham has back stabbed his longtime friend after he passed away from brain cancer.

Trump always displayed a deep dislike for Senator McCain, Once saying he did not like war heroes who got captured,

Referring to Senator McCain’s being shot down as a pilot over Viet Nam, During the Viet Nam war,

A war by the way that Donald Trump cheated and lied to get out of serving, His dad found a doctor to falsely report that Donald Trump suffered from bone spurs to keep him out of any military service. A Topic Mr. Trump could not recall which leg had bone spurs when questioned about it recently.

Its quite obvious Senator McCain’s war hero status deeply bothered Donald Trump, Because he showed much dislike for him publicly.

And as soon as he passed away Senator Lindsay Graham sucked up hard to Donald Trump, So much so he has been trying to help block the investigations into Mr. Trump’s Criminal Enterprises.

A Sad turn of events. And a showing of Mr. Lindsay Graham’s lack of Good Character and friendship loyalty.

And Mr. Trump has continued to attack John McCain even after his passing with no objections from Mr. Graham. Why do these People go to bat for this con artist of a man who currently hold our nations highest office ?

trumps tune1

Maybe you should ask people like Micheal Cohen who recently was sentenced to years in prison for acting as Mr. Trump`s Private Lawyer and self proclaimed fixer?

He stated before reporting to prison, That he ruined his life and deeply hurt his family ,Defending Mr. Trump ,

For 10 years for things that were either highly unethical or downright illegal.

Its unsure to me and many other people why these people show such loyalty to this scum bag Mr. Trump . Because he shows no loyalty back to anybody,

When he has gotten what he needed from people, He dumps them like a bag of garbage And tells the world how useless they are.

And anyone who dares to mention Mr. Trumps false hoods or criminal behavior They quickly are publicly scorned on news outlets or on his Twitter feed where he conducts his policy’s openly.

Trump fabricates his own realities. When he goes on Twitter he Creates false representations on any subject that happens to be on his mind, With no regard to the real truth,There is no doubt,

Donald J Trump has changed the country

Does not mater that most people know he is stating false information, He keeps repeating these stories over and over. Showing the whole world how messed up his mind really is.

Is this who we want for our president ?

Please think long and hard about this and be sure to vote your conscious in 2020 our future and maybe our freedoms depend on it.

Do You Have Physic Abilities ?

Do You Have Psychic Abilities ?


Has anyone ever told you you could be a Psychic? Or do you feel like you might since things before they happen? Or How about this ,You Walk into a place you never been before like someone’s house and when you get in there you feel the presence of other spirits also there ,Might seem kinda creepy but this happens more than you think.




Lots of people have psychic abilities they are not aware they have ,Until that is they realize it. Sometimes it runs in the family, Like the grandmother could have physic abilities and her Daughter Could then Be born with the same abilities,



And Even pass them on down to her Daughter, I don`t know why but  Females seem to be 3 x as likely to be psychic than males do.  I guess females are a little more intuitive than males, I Guess they are more sensitive to whats going on around them.

There are ways to find out if you are psychic, You can try Meditation Calming Your Mind so Other senses can come forward.



You Can Learn To Develop Your Psychic Abilities Also

Innocent Woman Killed By Taliban

Crying1self hypnosis

Innocent Woman Killed By Taliban

This innocent Woman was gunned down by her own Husband

Who was ordered by the Taliban To Shoot his own wife.

These Poor people have such a long long way to go as far as humanity goes, After all the years and American lives spent on this backward thinking country, We still hear about these century old customs Taking place in public, Like Beheadings ,Killing and torture of Women, Sick  torture like the removing of fingers, Acid splashed on faces to make them unattractive.  Viewer Discretion is strongly advised


Trump Putin Gang Up

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Trump Putin Gang Up

  At Least President Obama Confronted Putin About messing around in our 2016 election.

But Trump ? No he will not even believe that Russia even meddled in our election process, In fact Trump is standing with Putin And even defending him saying he believes that Putin did nothing wrong Just because Putin Said So.

And Mr.Trump rejects the report from the U.S. Intelligence Agency`s Stating they have undeniable evidence That Putin and Russia Did without A Doubt interfere in our 2016 election.

Which By The Way Put Donald Trump In Office. And Mr.Trump does not want to hear any of that talk about his winning the election, Could have been corrupted by the Russians.

Scandal and lying and Cheating Follows Everything Mr.Trump Does,


And you don’t really have to look very hard, Anything Trump Is involved with will have some sort of lying and or cheating along with it Just a fact,He cannot do anything Straight Up and Honest.

He (mr.trump) Has got to be the most crooked corrupt Person we have ever seen, Let alone be our President. I Cannot believe just how criminal Donald Trump Is. And Others are finally getting the full scope of how far this criminal Enterprise does go.

Over 300 present and former Federal Prosecutors In the last couple days, Have all signed a statement stating That The Mueller Report alone has furnished way more incriminating evidence then they would need to convict Trump on multiple Criminal Charges. If he were not a sitting President he would be indicted now.

After all Micheal Cohen Trump`s longtime Lawyer self proclaimed fixer, Just Yesterday had to report to prison for crimes he was convicted of ,
Crimes which gave Micheal Cohen no benefit what so ever. That`s right he is reporting to prison for doing crimes he was ordered to do from his Boss, Mr. Donald Trump.

That makes Mr.Trump just as Guilty As Mr.Cohen.


But Why is Trump not Reporting To Prison?

Attorney General Barr Testifies Before Senate

Attorney General Barr Testifies Before Senate



Its Very clear listening to this testimony That Attorney General Barr is defending President Trump ,Over representing the People of this Country ,Totally against his Job description,
For what the A.G.`s job is suppose to be .But lets face it thats what Trump wanted all along starting with Jeff Sessions. That is why Sessions was fired ,
Which in reality was obstruction of justice if you were dealing with true facts. But with Trump administration True facts have no place In This white house.

Family Who Walks On All Fours

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Family Who Walks On All Fours,


This family is Beyond Believable first lets say They are very secluded in Australia In a Very small Village with no real contact to much else but this hidden village, This One Family stands out mainly not just because there are 14 children in this family, But they walk on all fours, Yes they use their hands and arms as front  legs, Not because they want to , But because of some slight Retardation Genetically , Has left them unable to learn to walk correctly .We must note the Parents are in fact first Cousins. Which we know causes Human Health Issues. M.R.I.`S On The Children do show parts of the brains on most of them are under developed. Or missing certain parts. This is Sad But very interesting at the same time.


Alien Contactee Beings From Other Planets

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Alien Contactee Beings From Other Planets ,

Stories of real alien contacts with Earth Humans, Has in the past been kept a secret,The Contactees have been reluctant to talk to U.S. Officials about being contacted by Alien Beings right here on earth. And many times after the initial contact ,These instances keep repeating thru a lifetime for these contactees, And so happens their lives are never the same. Because of these Alien Beings Right here on Earth.



The Contactees were brought aboard Flying ships or Saucers,



 For some time now beings from other planets have visited Earth and Abducted contactee`s Then were shown all over our Galaxy, Like the Moon, Mars, And other Planets. It was explained to these contactees that there was life present all over or Solar System. This has been going on since the 1920`s way before Roswell, And it was told the Native Americans on Earth Had Much earlier Contacts on Earth, Going as far back and anyone is capable of remembering. But have shared stories that were handed down about Aliens Beings right here on Earth.

Beyond Our Site Review

Beyond Our Sight  ::       


Do You Believe in the AfterLife ? How about reincarnation in General ?
These a very heavy topics and many people refuse to even think about this stuff let alone have a discussion about it.
Life after Death is so hard to investigate just because if you do die your already gone moved on. Nobody could talk to you about it if your gone.
And if you have not died yet, Well you could not offer any information on life after death if you never died right?
So that leaves just one small group of people we can examine ,
Thats the People who died moved on to the other side, But then for what ever reason Returned to their body and came back to life.
Sounds crazy but these people  do exist. These are the ones we can learn from. And that is what this video does. So give it a look and hope you learn something.

Join Our Forum

Join Our Forum

We have a great forum setup Where logged in users can post anything they wish, And other members can comment on the posts. Go ahead and use this system as we hope it gets real popular. There are already some subjects created if they do not fit your story no problem just start a new one of your own

its really that easy. So give it a try.

Attorney General Barr Testifies

Attorney General Barr Testifies


Finally We get to hear from this ass kisser

Looks Like Bill Barr Is Ready To Go Down Swinging for Trump.After Being Accused of Even Lying To a Senate Committee. Yesterday where Barr admitted he did not even read the report before issuing his 4 page briefing.Outlining the Mueller Report four Weeks ago. Now many in congress are calling for Barr`s impeachment or Firing.




Apollo17 The Untold Truth


Real Stories Of the Apollo Moon Program Started in the 4th year of U.S. Space program
Published on Jun 6, 2018
The remarkable story of the determination and courage of a generation. A tribute to three brave astronauts and the thousands of men and women behind them during the final days of NASA’s Apollo program.
This is a Great Informative video shows the moon Landing  And take off from the moon ,Famous Pictures Of Planet Earth From The Moon. Collecting Samples in the Moon Rover .And Great Narration To Boot.  4 and a Half Stars ..IMO 


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