Month: October 2019

Trump Knew He Was A Criminal

Trump Knew He Was A Criminal              trumps tune1


That`s correct Trump knew damn well he ran a criminal enterprise,

Why the hell expose yourself by running for president?

Did he think the whole country was as easy to fool as a T.V. audience ?

He thought the whole world loved him , Well they don`t. And many people take it kinda personal to sit back and watch as people break the law, President or Not.

I Guess he is finding out the whole world will not back a criminal no matter who you are.

The arrogance of this man stuns me,

He is so used to getting his way, Even in law suits he thinks he will prevail.

He bad talks the very same Judges that are presiding over his lawsuits. And now he is sure he owns the Supreme Court also. We have yet to find out but it will probably happen pretty soon.

With so many lawsuits flying around one is likely to land in the highest court before too long.

Cannot wait to see how that rolls out….


White House Says No Way

Breaking News …. 10/09/19

White House Today Said No Way ,When it comes to responding To orders by congress to present evidence for the ongoing impeachment hearings. No person in the trump white house or any one even associated with the administration will be allowed to testify or any type of communication will be allowed.

So now what ?     Why Not do what they would do to a normal citizen or even someone like you or me.

Come arrest our asses. I Hear there is even a jail cell in the basement or some where on White House Grounds.

This is getting so unreal, Starting this website I planned on writing about my passion paranormal shit and

U.F.O.s  and  Bigfoot, Fun Stuff…  Then came Donald J. Trump

Now he has consumed every news spot you can find and you got to admit it is a fascinating story.

What this Orange Orangutan has managed to pull of is incredible, Its all been a scam,

The Biggest Scam the Country and maybe the world has ever seen.

As I said before This Con Artist Extraordinaire has pulled off the biggest con of all.

All the way to POTUS.

Been practicing all his life, He has always been a lying con artist .

The things that have been written about Trumps wheeling and dealings

if even half are true,

That would make him the biggest scammer ever.

We all know first hand what kind of a truth teller he is.

Yes You got to give it to him on this one too.

Does not make him a great person tho. He is Mean, He is ruthless, He is a Bigot, A Liar, A Cheat, A Womanizer, A User,

But People like him, Some people are afraid of him.


He will not last forever The circle is getting tighter and tighter , Things are starting to wobble a bit.

The Finale will be amazing, Its real hard to tell how its finally going to end.

Will Trump go out easy? (nobody thinks that ) 

Will he take hostages and barricade himself  and Milonia into the Private Quarters. Maybe Take Cyanide… 


Impeachment Hearing About Ukraine

Will Trump Find His Way Our Of This One Too ?



Things Are Just Not Getting Better For Americans.

We have got to be the laughing stock of the World.   Well here we are again Mr.Trump acting like no laws effect him, He just goes off breaking the law almost daily as if it does not have any effect on him.

     Talking about this impeachment, Republicans are saying there are not any real reasons to take up the impeachment proceeding, Mr. Trump has done nothing wrong, They say, The shake down of the Ukraine President was a Perfect Conversation Nothing Trump said had anything to do with trying to strongarm the President of Ukraine. Besides so many people were listening he would not think of such a thing.

Turns out Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was even listening to the call, But for some weird reason  he decided he first should lie, And tell everyone he knew nothing about the contents of the call. Seems everyone who hangs around with Trump turns to a liar. Why these people stick their neck in the noose for this Pitiful Man. Pompeo was in the head of his class at West Point. Graduated with honors at Harvard Law .

A Very accomplished man , Total opposite from Donald J. Trump. Why do they take his side ? It cannot be because they think he is telling the truth, I would hate to think our congress and senators are that fucking dumb. You got Pompeo, Then Bill Barr biggest ass kisser A.G. in this country ever. Then a real shocker Lindsay Graham John McCain’s best bro, flipping from Trumps a idiot to all in for Trump. McCain probably flipping in his grave.


Democrats wondering if this shakedown of Ukraines President is enough to impeach Trump ? I say thats nothing, Remember all the other shit this Orange buffoon has pulled off ? What about the Mueller Report ? Have We Forgot ? I THOUGHT THAT REPORT ALONE WAS ENOUGH.

I Dont think congress even got a un – redacted copy of the report yet. That obstruction there should be enough. Trump has obstructed congress every since he took office.

How about diverting our military to land near Trumps properties So he can overcharge our military for staying at his properties even though they are way out of the normal travel routes. We could literally go on all nite.

Not only should Trump be impeached There are a huge and rapidly growing bunch of folks that feel he should be in Prison. Among these folks are many many Law Enforcement Personal . And Prosecutors and Judges.

From a wide angle Trump has weaved a lawless lifestyle in which he runs his business more like the mob. Lets not leave out his numerous Tax scams that have been openly exposed, Where Trump carts off 450 some million Dollars from His Father Fred Trump partially  by running Tax Scams that fill The younger Trumps pockets with hundreds of Millions of dollars, Quite a bit more than the 1 million Dollar loan Donald said his dad loaned him to get started He said he had to pay it back. And he turned this small loan into a Ten Billion Dollar Mega Company.

Nothing could be further from the truth,

  Trumps Base of voters that hang onto his B.S. And actually believe that hundreds of miles of fence has already been built on our southern border. Are blinded by something, Im not talking democrats and republicans here. No its more than that, Im talking Breaking the law, Breaking our constitution  And plain Morally bankrupt. Presidents of our great country have been by most part upstanding citizens that we hope our kids turn out to be like. With Firm trust, We as a nation mostly look up to our past presidents,

Just think what it would be like to have a president who was honest, Or not a embarrassment for our nation when he goes abroad. These things we have to worry about should not even be a issue. Ive never worried if our President is selling us down the river in my whole life till now !!  We Need To Pay Very Close Attention to whats going on with our President ,Im no scholar but in my opinion its going to get much worse before it gets better. These blinded people they call Trumps Base and most of the Republicans on the hill better wake the fuck up, I mean its obvious come on. This guy is going to get our country taken over if we dont get rid of him. Russia will be patrolling our citys

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