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I know i have not posted in a while i`ve been  of the mind set of the less attention you give to something you despise the quicker it will die or at least disappear..  I cannot help myself

Just thinking how many of Trumps  Cronies, Bands of thieves, Tag A longs , Lawyers , Hired Thugs ,Cabinet Members, Only The Best Staff , and the Lying Fools and Butt Kissers,  How Many have made it to jail ? Not counting Trumps kids.

Or at least in enough trouble to get the Law after you bad. Or

a pardon from the Fool Himself…..

Decided to make a list  Some on this list are currently under investigation

   But very serious investigations

they cannot really travel alot right now some of them are in alot of  trouble

                                                                 This is a constantly growing project

                                                  I Keep adding on to this list

All Trumps Men  In no certain order:


  1. Micheal Cohen     ..Lawyer
  2. Paul Manafort  …Campaign Manager
  3. Rudy Guillani  ……  Lawyer
  4. Donald  Trump jr.  …..Son
  5. Allen Wiezelburg …..  CFO  Trump inc.
  6. Jarred Kirshner   ……..  Son in law
  7. Bill Barr  …..  Attorney  General U.S.A.
  8. Steve  Bannon   side kick stole money from Trump supporters. Steve Bannon has found his way into deeper trouble than his pardon already covered. Now  is in contempt of congress, Not a good place to be with no pardons remaining. He was sure he was so important that he did not feel like coming in to talk to the select committee, So he defied his subpoena to talk to the committee about Jan. 6th. riot.
  9. Roger Stone     side kick  criminal against the U.S.A. pardoned by Trump.
  10. Micheal  Flynn  ex national security advisor  convicted traitor pardoned by Trump
  11. Rick Gates  deputy campain leader guilty of crimes against the U.S.A..and Lying
  12.  Matt  Gaitz Coming to a jail soon
  13. Eric  Trump   Son
  14. George Nader, an informal Trump adviser  guilty sex with child
  15. All The Rioters on January 6th. Who Listened to Trump.
  16. Lets Not Forget Ivanka Trump yes daddy`s little girl should see jail time in a fair world.

17. Lets not forget Rudy Giuliani he has ruined his life for trump and Trump slammed his ass under every bus available. Yes as of today Feb. 6 2022 Rudy is under deep investigation for trying to change electors in many different states. The Jan 6th crew are interested in talking to Rudy.

18. And we have Sidney Powell who claimed on national T.V. that the election was stolen by the voting machines teamed up with long dead Hugo Chavis ,Now She is being sued by Dominion Voting Machines for a cool 1 billion with a “B” Along with Rudy for spreading that garbage

There is 18 people All The Presidents Men.Who ruined their lives for Trump, And im sure the list will grow.

Im sure there are going to be more still to come, But just imagine all these is what we witnessed in just 4 years. Who would want a President that keeps this kind of company ?

Donald Trump and Trump Jr.

mike flynn


ag barr

Trump Kim

trumps tune1