• March 31, 2023

Investigate Jan. 6th As We Should

Right Now On Capital Hill they are trying to put together a decent minded committee to have a hard non biased look at the destruction and murders that took place on Jan. 6th. It appears Nancy Pelosi has rejected Kevin McCarthy`s pick of Jim Jordon to be one of the republican members on this committee,…

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When Trump Goes Away

Dont know how i patiently waited for  When Trump Goes Away, I longed for the day to come where we would not even have to look at his Orange Face any more. Well unfortunately that day never really came , I mean he went to Florida for a few days and kinda stayed quiet a…

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What Do We Do With Trump?

Trump is clearly off his rocker now. Not only is he refusing to accept the fact he lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden (badly) He is refusing to admit it even to himself. He is at this point so deranged that  he believes and is telling people he is going to be reinstated as…

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Free Fortune Reading from the Oracle

Now you can get a free reading that will reveal your lucky numbers right from the Cosmos, With these super lucky numbers you then will get a free reading from the All Seeing Oracle a chance of a lifetime to learn your  pre planned destiny and what the future holds in store for you and…

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All Trumps Men

I know i have not posted in a while i`ve been  of the mind set of the less attention you give to something you despise the quicker it will die or at least disappear..  I cannot help myself Just thinking how many of Trumps  Cronies, Bands of thieves, Tag A longs , Lawyers , Hired…

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G.O.P. Senate Really Love Trump

The G.O.P. Senate`s feeding frenzy over Trumps 70+ mil voters has really started a good ole back stabbing contest over who loves Trump bigger, And who can get closest to Trump`s sweaty arm pit. The G.O.P. Senate loves Trump, But Trump could care less about the G.O.P. and its Senators. He dont need any of…

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Life`s Crystal Ball

Have you ever wished or dreamed about being truly Happy ? Day dreaming about whatever it is  we really feel that will give us our ultra most happiness and success , That one little (big) thing that will complete your life, And make things effortlessly easy for you.. Give you the great feeling that good…

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Trump Is Gone Whew

We did it We did everything right We voted him out. Trump Is Gone, I am especially happy we can return this space to pre Trump, Talking about more fun stuff than a law breaking President. Its been a long crazy unpredictable ride thats for sure. But there will be some just as Exciting  News…

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U.S,A, Ruined

U.S,A, Ruined That`s right Donald Trump has managed to ruin our once great country. Just like everything else that DT has touched in his life, He has now Ruined the U.S.A. Look around you right now What a disgusting mess DT has put us in. Trump is talking at this moment to install Marshal Law…

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Martial Law

Martial Law   Well here we are ..Hope you republicans are happy now. You had your chance during the impeachment, But you would not act, Instead you showed everyone (world) what cowards the republican senate is, Now this is your baby you change the dirty diapers. Mean while we can dig our backyard shelters to…

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The Real Donald Trump

Here is the real Donald Trump Get a load of the Real Donald Trump thru true witnesses we hear all about The Real Donald Trump. If you have any friends that actually support this Freak Of a President Just show them this video conversation maybe you can change their minds.  

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Barr Dumps On Trump

Well our ass kissing A.G. did a u turn on Trump today . He actually reported that the FBI `s investigation into election fraud that Trump was screaming about. Has turned up zero results that could alter the election. Yes this is true. Right from Barr`s mouth.  Trump about had a shit fit, When asked…

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Trumps Holdout

Trumps Holdout We knew he would throw some kind of a fit, But did you ever think he would carry on like this. How embarrassing is this ? I mean  the rest of the planet is watching this spectical . Not sure how much worse Trump is going to take us. Every day is a…

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Home Made Moonshine

With this Covid problem we are all hiding from this virus at home. And finding things to do can be a problem, So i am always looking for things to do.. S o I found another little hobby, Thats  Home Made Moonshine , I really like this guys style he is easy to follow i…

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