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George Floyd, Corona Virus, And A Less Than Worthless POTUS

Look At The Mess We Find Ourselves In.

The illegal looting and arson`s really take away from the huge effort  our loyal protesters have worked so hard to install.

I really believe this is the right time for change, Mostly because everything is changing all around us anyway.

Just look around Our public is safe distancing ,Wearing Masks, And avoiding the public or at least the smart ones are. Not counting the protesters that is, And many of them are wearing masks too.

People of Color are fed up with gross inequality that has lived in our society for close to 400 years.

It has been a country based on Hate and inequality aimed at people of color for all that time. And with some devastating results that life controlled by Fear,Death,Poverty and Prison carries with it. And with the leadership or lack of forced down our throats  by the Crazy Mind of Donald J. Trump, and the way he ordered physical force by using many different law enforcement agencies, along with prison guards, A.T.F.  The Secret Service, D.C. Police, F.B.I. Border Guards and Custom Agents, And The National Guard They even had a Air National Guard helicopter hovering above the protesters heads causing much Panic from the spinning rotors. Tear Gas was used, Flash Bang Grenades , Rubber Bullets, And more Tear Gas.

All this so he could clear out a pathway of Legal Peaceful Protesters who were peacefully gathering between the White House and a church across from the White house, Where Trump did nothing more than stand in front of the church holding a bible high in the air for photos. What a fake, He makes me sick. Then he returned to the White House and ordered the lights turned off, And he went and hid in the basements secret reinforced bunker Poor Donny was scared. You could not make this shit up. And it could be funny if it was. Meanwhile Corona Virus deaths reached over 100,200 Just in the U.S. that is Part of our situation

Today June 4, 2020

Then Trumps Private Justice Department none other than Bill Barr himself, Comes out with a huge most disturbing lie about this whole set of actions,In which the video above quickly debunks,And shows what a fool Bill Barr thinks we the people are. This is like I said comical if it were not. These people play us like fools on a daily basis. Any one who does not see this clearly is not looking.

Covid 19 Update You Can Believe


Well here is the sad sad state of our Planets

Covid 19 victims as of   Friday  May  15  2020

World Total Cases : 4,540,224

Total   Deaths : 303,585

People that Recovered : )  1,711,494

United States

Total Cases : 1,457,593

Total Deaths : 86,912 

Total Recovered : ) 318,027   

So that is the harsh reality of what it is. Some say it started in December some say February  ,

But it is going very strong and it kills us.

Yes we do need to get our economy going but opening up full blast in areas still on the rise in new cases, Seems reckless, But I agree some places it makes sense to cautiously pick up the pieces and get some cash going. We have too ,……    Be Smart


While Americans Die

While Americans Die


As I Write this post over 75,000  Americans have died and experts say will soon be 3000 deaths every 24 hours.

Whats our Plan ?

Do we even have a plan ?  I Want to know the truth now dont we think the  POTUS  Has lied  enough about 75,000 enough.

A Short time ago he was bragging on T.V.  that he had the only deciding last word on this handling of our country`s sad situation.

Presidents have full authority over everything, and only he could fix it . And within  Hours he came back with the new reality that  he was now passing this full authority off to the  Gov. of each state.

And they can figure out what to do. ,And now he must concentrate on re-opening and re-election .First of all he never had any authority for anything just another bragging while lying event.

And now he desperately wants to blame all his early very serious blunders, on our nations Mayors,  I see it like a movie on the wall ,this is what he will do He knows he caused a lot of lives to be lost with his rampant denials for so long in stead of jumping on the flames he ran.

Just like he always has. And here we are folks, another one of Trumps Screw ups but this time people are dying  its not Loosing more of daddy Fred  cash.

This is serious and everything he falsely says about this pandemic makes it much worse, And this rush to get reopened might be a huge mistake and this virus could take off like a wildfire in the wind.

But then how would we know no body is tested ,

Trump is on a anti testing mission. He thinks the higher numbers found by testing  will hurt him politically  and his poll numbers. Lives come at least second.

“He says just reopen some will have to die,”

We have got to open . Even when many of the states and counties that are eager to open by listening to Trump, Are still on the rise in case numbers and deaths. Not sure that a good move, At least offer some testing for employees ,So they don`t infect the areas population.

In my  Commoner but honest opinion Trump is very Dangerous,I have always said this but never was it this bad, People are dropping one by one and I do not think Trump has a clue what to do to save us,

They cannot even keep the virus out of the White House for shits sake! Two workers in the west wing just tested positive for covid 19.

I Would never wish harm on anyone but maybe the virus in the white house has possibilities ? Maybe they will start wearing masks.

Its too bad that no hero in scrubs will come along and save us. Trump would just get jealous and block his work Like he is to Fouchi testifying before congress about the horrible crises we are in.

Instead this week Trump is comparing himself to Reagan  last week it was Lincoln, Why ? The way his mind works is amazing.

He absolutely has no shame,sympathy for the sick and dead .Any body who votes to re-elect this messed up man is themselves in a bad way. I mean how could anybody think about  giving this cancer another term and I will truly know its over in this country if this happens .

After all they just cut loose two of Trumps criminal buddies lately Roger Stone and now Micheal Flynn . Should have guessed that with A G  Bill Barr on duty, What a sellout i have never seen more lack of morals and backstabbing the American People,

This whole three years have been filled with lies and crime, and cheating at every angle its almost unreal. And what about his ass lickers especially the Senate ones. When will they become sick enough of this ? I guess when they do not get re elected ..

I do want to state something you know Trump fired the Post Master General,  and just by chance with the Corona Virus is causing self distancing and will probably cause massive mail in voting this falls presidential election.

Now with one of Trumps Cronies conveniently inserted as Post Master General  who has control of our mail. What do we think of this?   You Decide I already know,

Gotta ……  Go

Latest Covid 19 By The Numbers

Today Is 5 / 6 / 20  And who ever thought we would be here. And “Here ” Is  68,279  Americans  dead ,Yes that`s right. Dead..

And  1,171,310 Americans Infected with covid 19. This is astonishing with Trump saying daily how such a Wonderful job his administration has  accomplished , Such a Fool this President of our`s is and now trying a full blown blame the States,blame China He is ramping up this blame someone else game daily and its very easy to see. but hopefully our citizens can see right thru this smoke screen.

Add Death to killing off the planet too, Mr. Trump also has no problem killing Americans to get re-elected, And has already shown he has no problem Killing our Planet By opting out of the Paris Agreement Talks, This has effectively put the United States All Alone as one of the biggest polluters in the world.

And all so he and his rich buddies (doners} Could work around laws preventing them from making more pollution while making their Billions, But that is only part of it,

The rest is Racial in nature . Remember President Obama signed on to the Paris Agreements, Trumps sick mind cannot leave anything in place that has Obama`s touch on it, No matter the outcome.

You Cannot Buy A Test for Corona Virus.

You Cannot Buy A Test for Corona Virus.


From what I hear if you think you might be sick with the corona virus, Good luck getting a test. A Friend of mine thought she was sick with maybe the virus, She went to local emergency room they told her to go home and basically hide in her closet, And they will call her when there is a spare test kit for her to come back in.

This is unreal ,POTUS has for weeks now said

on live T.V.    ” If anybody needs or wants a test they can get one”. And for at least 3 weeks he has constantly repeated this statement.  Well I sure do not know how we can beat this thing if we cannot even test for the virus.

We are in so much shit And with POTUS in charge things can only get much worse.  As of Today April 3 rd 2020 the u.s. cases are at 239,279  and total deaths in the U.S. is 5443 and climbing by the hour.



Social distancing working in Italy but epidemic could be ...

TOXICITY The Most Toxic Ghana Africa


Toxicity The Most Toxic Place In Africa

This Place in Ghana, Africa is not only the most toxic place in Africa But possibly in the world ,

These people have little or no chance to live any type of normal life in the area of health concerns.

Check out this video it makes you wonder why they do it ? But I guess desperation drives them.