• March 31, 2023

Do You Have Physic Abilities ?

Do You Have Psychic Abilities ?


Has anyone ever told you you could be a Psychic? Or do you feel like you might since things before they happen? Or How about this ,You Walk into a place you never been before like someone’s house and when you get in there you feel the presence of other spirits also there ,Might seem kinda creepy but this happens more than you think.




Lots of people have psychic abilities they are not aware they have ,Until that is they realize it. Sometimes it runs in the family, Like the grandmother could have physic abilities and her Daughter Could then Be born with the same abilities,



And Even pass them on down to her Daughter, I don`t know why but  Females seem to be 3 x as likely to be psychic than males do.  I guess females are a little more intuitive than males, I Guess they are more sensitive to whats going on around them.

There are ways to find out if you are psychic, You can try Meditation Calming Your Mind so Other senses can come forward.



You Can Learn To Develop Your Psychic Abilities Also