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Fact Checking Mr Trump Again

Its Time for Some Fact Checking On Mr. Trump

It Appears he is getting carried away again.

Once again Our shameful President is getting carried away with his lying,

While trying to deflect any blame about the lack of readiness to battle the Corona Virus

Mr. Trump got into another liar binge ,From blaming the whole Virus Outbreak on Obama, To blaming Democrats for the whole outbreak.

Go check this out for your self this is embarrassing to say the least, Now to be totally honest and fair, We also are fact checking the Democrats and some other elected officials so as to put the pressure on all of them. Here is how they did.

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump made a rapid-fire series of false claims at a televised town hall event hosted by Fox News on Thursday in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Lets face it this guy is a huge liar, But peoples lives are in danger now this is not funny. But as we know Trump does not care.

                                                                                                                             Go Here To Read It All