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    • Introduce Your Self To The Forums

      Introduce Your Self To The Forums

      Say Hello to the Forums, Get To know others and Build Lasting Relationships, Just Explain a little about yourself, What Brings you to this Forum,

      Tell us The subjects you are most fond of. This Helps Forum Admins to gather info on Members Favorite Subjects. And we can begin discussing subjects that appeal to all our members. Dont forget to fill out your Signature in your account.

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    • 3 years, 2 months ago

      The Watcher

    • U.S. Politics

      U.S. Politics

        This Forum is for People interested in the politics of the United States ,We all know since Trump has been in office there continues to be much controversy about his Company , His Past business dealings, And most importantly his involvement with The Russian Government. His campaign had much contact with different Russians during and after the election. Then there is this whole subject of what Trump calls The Witch Hunt that has to do with the Special Council`s Investigation into the collusion and or Cover up of the involvement that Russia did have in getting Trump elected. And now we have the Mueller Report, The final report of the special Councils investigation that went on for nearly two years, The report is finished, And was turned over to a new very conflicted U.S. Attorney General William Barr, Who in turn only issued a 4 page Brief about the Approx.  400 page report That was determined to be inaccurate of the true report. And misleading Congress and the public about the true findings of the real report. And Mr,Barr has since refused to produce the real unredacted report to any congressional committees, As required by law. This whole thing is getting very messy. With The A.G. Barr obviously covering up for the President`s Apparent crimes and lies.

      You simply could not make this shit up its as crazy as it gets.

      And Finally The Obstruction of Justice Claims that say Trump went out of his way to stop, cover up,stall, Or Somehow end the whole investigation entirely . Then there is this question of Trumps False and Misleading Claims of How he got his wealth, And just how wealthy he really is. The Subject of why Mr.Trump lies so much is another aspect that confuses alot of people, If He has not done anything wrong why all the lies? And the lies prove to be very important, After All people have been found guilty and been sent to prison already for lying to investigators and lying for only to protect Mr. Trump. If he is in fact innocent of any wrong doing including crimes, Then why do people including Mr.Trump need to tell all these lies? It just don`t smell right I don`t care what you have or have not done criminally when you and all the yes men around you tell this many lies, Something Is Up. And that is just the way it is. People only lie because the truth would be much worse, In My Opinion. So Mr. Trump what is it? And all the people who have been indicted who are or were very close to Mr. Trump for many years. Some of which are in jail now or already sentenced and waiting to report to prison. Are in this fix for lying for Trump. Most cases that`s it. Trump as usual has not even seen hand cuffs. Although I personally think they would look great on him. And while we are at it lets put some cuffs on Bill Barr too. And Let Michael Cohen out of Jail. Then this thing would seem a bit more fair. So yeah there is plenty to discuss here so join right in.

      See You In The Forums

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    • 2 years, 9 months ago

      The Watcher

    • What Do You Think about staying home to save lives?

      Staying home to stay healthy and Corona virus free , has its good points it after all slows the spread of the virus. But for some people it can be trouble some to stay home, For many reasons like Money i know is a big factor When you do not work you do not get paid. Tell us how this shut down has affected you. Join the forum lets get this figured out.

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