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      Have you ever seen a ghost? Have you had a Ghost haunt you or your family? If So we want to hear about it. While Im at it Ill tell you a little true story. When I Was a kid i would say about 7th or 8th grade, I had a best buddy his name was Randy,Im not going to give his last name as he never told me i could tell his story.I have not seen Randy for close to 40 years now but i definitely remember this story. Randy And I Rode the same school bus, I was picked up first then a few stops later Randy would get on. One morning Randy got on the bus,And he looked different his hair was not combed he was carrying his jacket instead of wearing it.And he had no lunch, We both always packed our lunches, And sat together in the cafeteria everyday. I said “hey Randy did you forget your lunch?” he replied no my mom did not have time to make it today. I Said ill share mine with you but i dont have alot. He said NAH I m not really hungry anyway. I thought to myself “Wonder What`s wrong with Randy today” He never talked much more before we got to the school. Which was unusual for Randy who talked alot normally.We got off the bus i said to Randy Want to go hang out in the gym ?He Said nah I got to get to class. I Thought Hmmm WTF o.k. I said “see you at lunch remember i got lunch for both of us.”
      He just turned and walked off Very unusual We normally hung out in the gym or somewhere till we were almost late to class most days.We had separate class rooms and teachers. I Could not stop thinking about how Randy had acted all morning i was thinking what it could be, I thought maybe his Parents were fighting , Then maybe he got in trouble for doing something wrong I had no idea really but something was up for sure. Could not wait for lunch so i could maybe get more information from him. I hated seeing him sad or worried or what ever it was . Was not good for Randy for sure.

      Finally lunch time i hurry into the hall so i could find Randy, And found him heading outside on to the field. Just caught a glimpse of him heading out thru the door at the end of the hall. Opposite of the Cafeteria .I Dodged the crowd as i ran after him. Got out the door and spotted randy walking across the middle of the football field. I Yelled for him he did not even turn around so i ran and caught up with him i said what are you doing ? He said he had to sit and think somewhere i thought this is really strange. So I kinda ushered Him toward the bleachers and got him to sit down with me. We started Sharing my lunch and i did get him to eat a half sandwich .So I just went ahead and asked Randy what was up, At First he said nothing was wrong but after more pressure he gave in but made me promise not to tell even one person.

      He said you are not going to believe me anyway, And I Assured him his story was safe with me. He said last night after my whole family went to bed, He was woke up by a loud humming noise and when he opened his eyes bright lights lit up the whole inside of his house, But no lights were on, And none were present. He made his way to his parents room where he slowly pushed the bedroom door open, Through the small opening he could see his parents bed and both his parents looked still too still in fact while looking harder he could tell they were not moving at all but were sitting up in the bed.Then looking on in total shock he could make out 4 or 5 short images standing around the end of his parents bed. They looked to be the size of kids or midgets or something he was not sure of. He did not think he had been noticed or seen by anyone or thing in the room. He decided to try and make his way to his older brothers Jeff room and as he turned to sneak down the hall . He got stopped in his tracks ,He was frozen in place just like his Parents were in the bed. He could think, He could See, he could Breath, Blink his eyes, But could not move. Then behind him he heard his name called out. But this was weird like he could hear it in his head. And he could hear his dads voice also having a conversation with what must be one of the kid like creatures, He heard his dad say" what do you want with us?"Let My Family Go Ill Do what ever you want.

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