• March 31, 2023
9=11 the truth

George Floyd, Corona Virus, And A Less Than Worthless POTUS

Look At The Mess We Find Ourselves In.

The illegal looting and arson`s really take away from the huge effort  our loyal protesters have worked so hard to install.

I really believe this is the right time for change, Mostly because everything is changing all around us anyway.

Just look around Our public is safe distancing ,Wearing Masks, And avoiding the public or at least the smart ones are. Not counting the protesters that is, And many of them are wearing masks too.

People of Color are fed up with gross inequality that has lived in our society for close to 400 years.

It has been a country based on Hate and inequality aimed at people of color for all that time. And with some devastating results that life controlled by Fear,Death,Poverty and Prison carries with it. And with the leadership or lack of forced down our throats  by the Crazy Mind of Donald J. Trump, and the way he ordered physical force by using many different law enforcement agencies, along with prison guards, A.T.F.  The Secret Service, D.C. Police, F.B.I. Border Guards and Custom Agents, And The National Guard They even had a Air National Guard helicopter hovering above the protesters heads causing much Panic from the spinning rotors. Tear Gas was used, Flash Bang Grenades , Rubber Bullets, And more Tear Gas.

All this so he could clear out a pathway of Legal Peaceful Protesters who were peacefully gathering between the White House and a church across from the White house, Where Trump did nothing more than stand in front of the church holding a bible high in the air for photos. What a fake, He makes me sick. Then he returned to the White House and ordered the lights turned off, And he went and hid in the basements secret reinforced bunker Poor Donny was scared. You could not make this shit up. And it could be funny if it was. Meanwhile Corona Virus deaths reached over 100,200 Just in the U.S. that is Part of our situation

Today June 4, 2020

Then Trumps Private Justice Department none other than Bill Barr himself, Comes out with a huge most disturbing lie about this whole set of actions,In which the video above quickly debunks,And shows what a fool Bill Barr thinks we the people are. This is like I said comical if it were not. These people play us like fools on a daily basis. Any one who does not see this clearly is not looking.