• March 31, 2023

Here We Go Again Bill Barr

Well once again Bill Barr is making Policy, What did we Expect ? Trumps personal Dept. Of Justice is stepping in the middle of all Americans faces. Now he is reducing sentences for Trump Cronies this time  Its Roger Stone. Another trumpster who found themselves in prison Barr Has Stepped in and greatly reduced his prison term. Saying he is too old to spend that much time in jail.

 Oh Really ? Republican Senators we owe this all to you. We have lost our great country lock, stock and barrel. The rules are only for who ever Trump decides he wants them for.

In another story Dept of Justice has decided to take orders from Rudy Guilanni and open a investigation into Joe Biden And his son Hunter as to their involvement in Hunters Affairs while working in Ukraine, Exactly the same thing Trump got impeached for last month. Is going to happen anyway right here in our country. So Once again Trump gets to dig dirt on his political Opponents any way. And Just to help his reelection . WTF Is going on ? I Never knew Rudy had any job in our Government.


to be continued 2/12/20