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U.S.A. In A Mess

U.S.A. In A Mess

Well just look at us now Mr.Trump.

You really made America great did you not?.  over 180,000 dead in 6 months, U.S.A. In A Mess.

Farmers in record numbers filing for Bankruptcy cause you thought you would punish China.

Our citizens are at war in our streets fighting Trumps Government Army.

U.S.A. In A Mess. This gov. army will not even I.D. Themselves, But they fight our citizens and haul them away in unmarked  vehicles to who knows where,

Trump sends this army from city to city if they have democratic leadership .

This virus I will call the Trump Virus does not care if you are democrat or republican and because it did not need to be this bad but Trump made it that way.

It is taking lives at will, With only minor testing we have no defense.

Trump talks like the war on the virus is already won. But anyone that thinks right knows better, Always sure  to put the blame anywhere besides himself.

Trump has even blamed Joe Biden for the virus. He has Bill Barr still fighting his legal battles. Or should we say illegal battles. And yes U.S.A. is In A Mess,

This should not surprise anyone just look back at Donald Trumps Life. Its been one huge failure after another.

And many of his current businesses are failing if not for the criminal way he has used the Government to prop them up since being in office.

Trump has committed so many crimes while in office , No body can keep track.

Remember he was impeached for illegal acts against a alley Ukraine . And he has not stopped,

Currently he is trying hard to cripple the Post Office he hopes it will help deliver him the election of course illegally.

All the criminal buddies of his have got out of prison because Trump gave them pardons,

He has fired every Inspector General  who might have the thought of doing their job and investigate crimes Trump has organized.

Just like the Mexicans paid for the wall Trump has Made America Great Again,

That is if it is great to have  the U.S.A. In A Mess.usa in a mess