Valuable Information regarding Planet Earth

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Valuable Information regarding Planet Earth

For a few years now I have been quietly sourcing information from a website, Actually a few websites that are operated by the same people. These people are very much leaders in the U.F.O. and alien beings group who through their extensive research and interviews with people who know alot about this subject. Including people who have been actually abducted by Aliens, And returned to the planet to share the information they have learned because of these abductions.

Some members of their websites and forums are high level government officials, whistle blowers, and chosen ones.

Who have first hand knowledge of things  normal people find either unbelievable or at least very unusual.,

Information about the Alien agenda and the transforming of the Planet Earth.

Some claim they were sent here on a mission from god, for lack of a better term. Some folks on these forums speak of past lives they are aware of that they have lived.

How one deals with this information depends on ones personal beliefs, or ones open mindedness.

 I Believe the more you are open to different realms and different time lines of our past or future or

what  ever environment or dimension  we are operating from  the better chance you have of making good use of this amazing information

And amazing people.

There really is so much to learn if you are open to this kind of information.

The reason im sharing this with my readers is because it is important,

I Feel everyone who believes in a possibility of these super Different subjects has the right to know as much about it as possible.

We can not supply all information to everybody we could never keep up would not be good for anyone.

Knowledge is power, As they say and I believe thats true. But like I said you have to be open to the possibility that anything could be true.

Then open your mind and take it in. Only then can you make a informed decision as to what you want to believe.

So thats my goal today to give the links of these two websites to my readers and Help you to be learned.

I Would not be doing my work if i never passed on to members of this site the wealth of information that awaits you.

Although I do realize some of you may already know about these people if so good for you.

If you did not know where to learn about these subjects, And I helped even one person become enlightened then i did what  i set out to do.

There is truly a huge wealth of info awaiting you and I hope you can allow yourself to be open-minded long enough to take in this information as I feel it is way too important to dismiss. And let me warn you the subjects are mind boggling.

So without further stalling here are the links to these two information sites I hope you will check out:

The first site is Called Project Camelot the site is ran by a lady named Kerry Cassidy  She is very knowledgeable on these subjects.


Here is the link 

Here is the other site ran by Kerry`s partner Bill Ryan although they do work together they also have separate websites where they also pursue their own personal interests.Bills site is called Project Avalon

Here is the link

After receiving a huge amount of interest in these subjects from our readers, We have decided to offer even more sources of information to further feed the desires to learn for the people who want to know the truth or other wise “The Truth Seekers ” who crave the information that is harder to come by in normal news channels,

We are providing a excerpt from a book written by author and researcher Truman L  Cash  this  excerpt  from one of his writings contains many sources of information by other authors by means of links, That will take you to other websites

.We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information or the content of the sites, But we can guarantee you will learn some valuable information you will find amazing we are sure.

UPDATE: “Alien Abductions: Cutting Through the Propaganda”
Budd Hopkins’ colleague David Jacobs appears to be continuing the debunking and denial that there is
a military/alien connection. In his book THE THREAT Jacobs states on page 187: “All this, in
conjunction with the long-standing and wide-spread suspicion of a “coverup” by the American
government, has led many abductees and researchers to conclude that the government is secretly
conspiring with the aliens … .ln fact, there is no evidence that the American government, or any foreign
military, is involved with abducting people.”

This statement flies in the face of the firsthand “evidence” of many abductees who have experienced
abductions by the military or have experienced abductions in deep underground military/alien bases
where American military personnel are standing right next to or are working with Grays and other
aliens in the same room. David Jacobs debunks the military/alien connection on pages 187 and 188 of
his book.

As an abductee/researcher I do not understand why Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs would debunk the
military/alien connection when so many abductees have gone public with their experiences. Were
!-Iopkins and Jacobs threatened by the CIA or military or other “covert ops” people to keep their
mouths shut about it? Arc they knowingly participating in the cover-up? Were they programmed with
MKUltra-style mind control not to talk about it? One can only speculate.

For more information and videos on the military/alien connection and other abduction experiences,
visit Dr. Karla Turner’s  memorial website  Yes she is no longer with us, This happens to researchers who get to close to the truth

Phil Schneider was a deep underground base engineer and abductee with a very high security level. He
also exposed the military/alien connection. I knew Phil personally and I am totally convinced he was
telling the truth. !-here is a link to Phil Schneider videos: http://www.apfn.onUapfnlphiLhtm. The
following link contains text of some of Phil’s statements. Be sure to read the statement made by Phil
Schneider’s ex-wife concerning his death: Sorry if these links get broke from time to time

we have trouble keeping up with hackers

who would rather we not share this stuff.

Yes Phil is dead too but his research lives on.

There is no way they would let Phil Live On to share his wealth of knowledge,

Phil had tons of first hand info regarding

Aliens living here on earth in under ground basses
Also, Melinda Leslie has covered military abductions (MILABs).


Here is a web page for more


Its getting harder to keep these links active people just do not want this info out there.

information: On this web page is a
statement by ET contact researcher Dr. John Mack: ” … 1 have cases I’m working with particularly in
some depth where military involvement has been very important, disturbing, ongoing, and
complicated. I have others that have seen military people as well …. The person feels they’re being
menaced in day-to-day life by black helicopters, MIBs, men in uniform, and people in dark cars …. This
is not like a regular feel. .. abductees are transported to some underground place …. There is some
relationship, some kind of communication and collaboration between certain extraterrestrial beings in
this underground place and the military people. The abductees are in some kind of intermediary role
between these (covert ops) types and the beings …. ”
Karla Turner, Phil Schneider and John Mack are all dead now. Karla and Phil died under very
suspicious circumstances. It appears that it is not a healthy choice to talk about the military/alien
Update by Truman L. Cash,