• March 31, 2023

The Mueller Factor

I`ve got a name for this whole Fiasco The Mueller Factor, Because we all know there are things in that report that don’t look so good for the Prez But this Guy is Greasy as Hell, Like I Said Mr. Trump has Bullshitted His Way To The Top. Proves He is the worlds Top Bullshitter. But What About President ? I Personally do not at all like the idea of him being our president. Scares the shit out of me Why? The Guys Nuts. He is a Looney Tune.Any body who can pull off the kinds of Scams He has , Has Got to Be a bit Sick In The Head to live out the fantasy the way he has. I mean i think His Kids even believe Some of his Fake School Records.He has two sets of scenarios for every kind of deal. This is according to his ex.Fixer Micheal Cohen