Day: March 15, 2019

A Witch Hunt

A Witch Hunt

Im not sure just what the legal definition of a Witch Hunt is I have not looked it up. But Im pretty sure it refers to the salem witch trials, In which supposed Witches of the time were hunted down like beasts. And either Executed or simply hung by rope till dead. For supposedly being found guilty of witchery , In some cases for things such as cooking chicken soup.

Our current President has continuously Cried out to who ever is in ear shot including foreign Leaders About how this  Collusion With Russia Thing is a Witch Hunt.And  with the Special Council Who was hired by Assistant Attorney General Who was  Investigating the Russian Interference in our American Election Process of 2016 In which Donald J.Trump was elected President Of Our Country .

During much surprise to many including Donald J. Trump, Now  the investigation has lead to a path pointing toward many people working on the Trump Election Team. Resulting in

Prison terms for some key players in Trumps Campaign . To name a couple The Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort,And Trumps Longtime Personal Lawyer, Defender Till Death or at least Until The F.B.I.  shows up or Trump does not need him no longer .And in this case The F.B.I. did show up and The longtime Defender has now turned to Mr. Spill The Beans on Individual # A

Who turns out to be none other than Mr. Trump Himself.

This Witch hunt has been rather active

At least 5 People Convicted of Felonies in Trumps Inner circle Alone, That`s alot of  Witches  And Still a few to pour water on yet.

I heard on some internet news show by MSNBC that there were At least 101 different instances of contact between a Trump campaign Personal and a Russian Contact.

Before, During , And after the Election. But I Guess that`s a Witch Hunt for you. You never know how many times means Collusion  with the Russians that has not been legally defined …

Seems like alot of Hoop De Do  with the Russians  Tho I mean this goes back a good amount of time. And One Day Trump Has Never Met Putin, The next Day They are Good Buddies….

Sure acted like Putin`s Ass Kisser in Helsinki tho thats was sickening, I could Not believe how different Trump acted at that point. sad sad…

Its Really Come To This   

I could not Help how strange it sounded to have some of our Politicians ask the question is it possible Our President Is a Secret Russian Asset  …


To Be Continued


I Cannot hardly believe The Facts that have been proven about The President Of  The United States . Are Even True ! And there are so many stories true or not about  a

Criminal lifestyle that He ,His Family have so far avoided any charges, But his associates , His Friends , And Business Partners are going down or hiding in Russia ,

This Man has Bull Shited his way thru life and Made It To the Top. In that  He won …..To Him.

But His shit is Way Messed Up, They Have Proof of Crimes Committed In My Opinion. We have already been thru The mess about  Attorney General Barr , But more on him later..

Our President has been  Mentioned in impeachment discussions , Criminal Acts he and his  spoiled Kids have pushed to the limits.

 His open  Dislike of any one who is not of White Origin  and Born in This Country. Oh Except his in laws and his Wife.

Hi back again, Its April 15 2019 Of Course . Been really busy have not had much news lately think ill study tonight

                                                                                                                                                                             This is a little flick about trump


Trumps Endless Lies

Trumps Endless Lies

Its really hard to fathom why Donald J.Trump the President of The United States, Tells so many Lies. I Really don’t get it.  Does he not get embarrassed or Ashamed? I read somewhere yesterday that the Count of Daily lies is being kept track of, And currently stands at about 15 major lies or total untruths everyday. Just stop for a minute and think this over,

Our President of The United States Of America tells more lies every day in public than most people tell in 5 years. Wonder what his family thinks about the lies, I`m sure they are used to it by now, But still if it were my dad or my brother or even worse my spouse. I would be so ashamed i would never go out in public. Let alone the leader of the free civilized world Is the worlds biggest liar.

How can our alleys even feel like its a good deal to be a alley of The United States ? Who can you trust ? Who can you depend on ? When everything is a lie How the Hell do you know whats real? Trumps Aids and whitehouse staff have got to be growing weary by now.

That is except Sara Huckabee Sanders the white house press person or spokeswoman This woman has picked up the Trump torch and holds it high in the air. With every lie doubled down by her, How could she feel? Having a job as a professional liar makes for a sketchy resume I would think.

But this is a much bigger problem than the Republicans will admit. And many believe it could border on mental illness.


                                                              More On This Later…..  Well Its Later now 4/29/2019 to be exact, And Things are looking just as bad in America.

Not only is our President the Worlds Worst And Biggest Liar among The Worlds Leaders. But Our President Is a Crook a Criminal In the Office of President Of The United States. Pretty Hard To imagine I Know but its true.



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