Close To 120,000 Dead

July 13, 2020 Off By the watcher
Here we are. Close to 120,000 Americans dead from corona virus 19 ,Trump still says its not hardly even bad.
He said 99% of people with cases can not tell they are even sick. Thats a good one to tell the loved ones of the Dead.
Or tell that to the front line workers in the Emergency Rooms across America. How our President  Because of the really stupid advice he was peddling about those pills, And it will magically disappear. and a bunch of other garbage,
He said they have tested more than every country combined, I do not believe that ,We would not have the high numbers we have if we were testing like we should. He has had the wrong approach all along.
We want to know every case That is how we win, We cannot beat this virus with out admitting we have it. We need to get Trump out of the way,
So we can heal and not all be dead. From hiding the facts.