• March 31, 2023

About Us

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About Us

We are 1EyEopen A Alternative News Site, We will be bringing you the news most people never get to hear.

If they do they usually do not believe it. That`s the fun part. Is Shocking People into Belief ,Speaking about Belief ,

You have our word we Will never post news we know not to be true. Sometimes it takes a while to pin down all the proof we need to convince some people of some news stories, And in cases like this we will always post sources right in the story.  if at all possible to do so. So there is no confusion.

Other than that get ready for a wild ride,  Our alternative news is very surprising at times As we have some very interesting topics coming your way. And we look forward to sharing this news with you.

Another Word about our site ,At times you will find Political news stories on this site, We think its important to state we are not a partisan website, We claim no allegiance to Republicans or Democrats, Liberal or Conservative . If it seems like we are more harsh on one party than the other   ,

That could be explained by what party is currently holding the Presidential Position at the time, As we do tend to report more on the active party at the time. We do fact check the sitting party alot. And it could appear we are Hound Dogging one party more than the other, But thats not the case.

Our Popular subjects of Alternative News could include Governments Secrets, Black Ops. People On The Moon and Mars. We like to report on Alien Abductions , Crop Circles, Under Ground Basses, Astral Travel, The Souls Journey, Reincarnation, Spirits ,Times Of Christ, And Many Many Science Topics. Politics, And Current Events.

Plus We Have a Forum on site we would really love for the forum to get real popular ,We Know it will be a great place to get educated. As members share their Stories and experiences. So Check out the forum start your own topic, Then you can be the moderator of your own mini forums.

Remember we like and take interests in topics that are weird. So if your new neighbors raise half animal half human pets in the basement we want to report about it. Everyone should know.

And remember Bigfoot ? We do too, and we want to know more about Bigfoot. Feel free to send us info about any strange creatures. Even if they seem normal to you. And of course Aliens are always top on our list, For great stories of abductions and visitations carried out by real aliens, from far away check our site often.Cropped A News Site Banner 1 4.jpg