• March 31, 2023

Robots Our Future?

Robots Our Future? The future of robots is here to stay Can you accept this future / Will the robots get too smart and take over making slaves of Humans ?    

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Food Secret`s You Will Not Like

Food Secret`s You Will Not Like This subject Will Really think about just producing your own food really hard A Very Shocking Wake up Call for all of us.Who ever knew they put sugar in Tuna Fish? And 245 Teaspoons Of Sugar A Week ,Just sounds gross But we would not probably not even like…

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Barr Testifies Live Now

Barr Testifies Live Now This Should Be Good William Barr Testifies Before Congress.Maybe they can find out about the Mueller Report.   Cannot Wait For This From Ass Licker Barr. Sorry to the offended its Not About Liberals, Or Den Mothers Its About Integrity Nuff Said…

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The Mueller Factor

I`ve got a name for this whole Fiasco The Mueller Factor, Because we all know there are things in that report that don’t look so good for the Prez But this Guy is Greasy as Hell, Like I Said Mr. Trump has Bullshitted His Way To The Top. Proves He is the worlds Top Bullshitter.…

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Wows Of Wiki Leaks Revelations

Wows Of Wiki Leaks Revelations   We  have not mentioned Julian Assange  At All and im embarrassed to say i have not been able to follow the news much lately, Too Too much work to do . But I Know this : In some ways Assange did us some big favors, Now don’t go throwing…

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The Giant Of Kandahar

The Giant Of Kandahar   This is a really weird subject  i stumbled on by accident ,One of the strangest subjects  and stories I Personally have ever heard The first video i posted about a year ago, Then i found more info.  The current date is January 2020. The  incident occured from my understanding in…

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featured image the afterlife

The After Life

The After Life You might say we are in a afterlife right now. I Mean supposedly we have reincarnated on this planet many times. According to experts. And past life regressionists claim of cases where the  regression subject recalled having experienced Many Many past lives. But what about the After Life ? Is That Part…

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The Mueller Report

The Mueller Report You could not Make this Stuff Up, Nobody would believe you. But Here we are, A Short rundown of how we got here, Just for credibility`s sake. U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr is confirmed for his office by the Senate. Even though Prior to his Senate confirmation  had raised concerns about a…

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trumps tune1

TRUMP Coming Unhinged ?

TRUMP Coming Unhinged ? Many Experts Agree Our President Donald J.Trump is showing signs of Instability, On  Mental evaluations from a distance, Let me add no body has evaluated The President for Mental Illness. In Person that is But many have commented from a distance. Of their opinions are to be believed Trump is slipping…

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A Witch Hunt

A Witch Hunt Im not sure just what the legal definition of a Witch Hunt is I have not looked it up. But Im pretty sure it refers to the salem witch trials, In which supposed Witches of the time were hunted down like beasts. And either Executed or simply hung by rope till dead.…

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trump tells lies

Trumps Endless Lies

Trumps Endless Lies Its really hard to fathom why Donald J.Trump the President of The United States, Tells so many Lies. I Really don’t get it.  Does he not get embarrassed or Ashamed? I read somewhere yesterday that the Count of Daily lies is being kept track of, And currently stands at about 15 major…

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