• March 31, 2023

Authors and Guest Bloggers Page

Authors and Guest Bloggers Page

This is where you can read our agreement

Agreement Between The Website 1eyeopen.us ,from here to be referred to as the “Site” and any Guest Blogger or Guest Writer or Guest Author to be referred to as “Author”

This agreement outlines the simple but necessary rules that govern relations between website 1eyeopen.us and current Administration and any present or future “Author”

(A ) Authors that decide to guest post on our “Site” and Grants the full and exclusive copyright to the Work that is published on “Site” and the full and exclusive rights, by itself , throughout the world,

( B ) To print, publish, republish, distribute, post on web sites, and transmit the Work and to prepare, publish, distribute, post on Web sites we operate and transmit derivative Works based thereon, in English and in all other languages, in all media of expression now known or later developed of our choice (social media ), The Company’s rights shall include but not be limited to:

Section “A” Sites exclusive rights.

And Section ” B” and “C”

( C )

(1) The right to publish the Work in all languages throughout;

(2) including any syndication rights throughout the world;

(3) Any and all moral rights associated with the Work;

( 4) Right to remove or terminate for any reason at any time

(5) Any and all electronic rights, including but not limited to the rights to post all or any of the Work and derivative work thereof on Web sites, electronic newsletters, and online services;

(6) The right to be the “canonical” source for Web publication of the Work.

(7)To the extent All of the materials and writings prepared by Author here on site do not qualify as “work for hire” under applicable law, or are not assignable for any reason,

( 8 ) Author hereby irrevocably and unequivocally waives enforcement of all such rights.

( 9 ) The “Site” has full exclusive right to any and all funds earned from ads placed any where on site including Authors Post Pages .


(a) Company “Site” shall have the right to edit and delete portions of the Work as it determines in its sole discretion, without any approval from or notice to Author.

(b) Company “ Site” has the right to add to the pages containing the Work hyperlinks, boxes linking to other articles, products, or services, advertisements, and any other matter determined appropriate by the “Site”



The final text for the Work shall be submitted via the Company’s “Site” guest posting platform or other electronic format specified by the “Site”.



Author shall have the following rights, and only the following rights, with respect to the Work:

(a) If the Company posts the Work on a Web site, then Author’s byline will be included as part of the post, together with a short biography  of Author and a link to the Author’s Web site.

(b) Author shall have the right to post the Work on Author’s own Web site; provided, however, that Author shall wait at least 5 days after Company has posted the Work on its site.

  1. Author has the right to include the Work in books or e-books.

    ( d ) Author has the right to have affiliate link in the work as long as it is related to the subject of the work.

    (e) Author must maintain a working operation of all its links,(no broken dead or misleading links

(f ) Author has exclusive rights to retain any and all cash earned from Authors links in

Authors Work “


We also have just a few “Site Rules”

Authors and Guest Posters 1eyeOpen.us does not allow racial or Ethnic discrimination Of any kind in our content Period First time offenders will be terminated for good.

We The “Site “ Put our trust in you when we give you access please respect our trust, Do not share access with any one else with out strict permission.

We have a wide range of content and try hard to not show offending sexual content

No sex movies sorry. No copyrights violations only original content will be accepted .

Certain rules apply for copyrighted video content





Contact “Site “ Admin at 1two3publishing@gmail.com

This agreement is good on this day 1/01/2022