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911 Yes 911 we are still beating this horse, Just Because we were never satisfied with the Official Story That our gov. tried passing on and hoping it would stick. The Truth be known Our Gov. had everything to do with this and we still want the truth.

911 Is Still With Us

911 day

911 Is Still With Us

I Still see in my minds eye those images of people jumping to their deaths, What a horrible site I live on the west coast and these things were going on when i got up on Sept 11 2001 .I Got up as normal flipped on the morning news,

First thing I saw was these people jumping to their deaths from the world Trade Center towers in NYC.  What a crazy site to see as soon as you get up,….. Or anytime for that matter.

The more I watched the more i thought this was a planned setup, But why would anybody do something this horrible?