• March 31, 2023
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Life`s Crystal Ball

Have you ever wished or dreamed about being truly Happy ? Day dreaming about whatever it isĀ  we really feel that will give us our ultra most happiness and success , That one little (big) thing that will complete your life, And make things effortlessly easy for you.. Give you the great feeling that good…

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By: Ray Rand

In reply to adrian bacci. @adroam bacci // The thermal blanket is not for a human, like the one you curl up with on your couch watching t.v. This is a thermal sheath basically formed in the shape of a space station part. NASA says they “accidentally” dropped it, but I think they knew it…

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Do You Have Physic Abilities ?

Do You Have Psychic Abilities ?   Has anyone ever told you you could be a Psychic? Or do you feel like you might since things before they happen? Or How about this ,You Walk into a place you never been before like someone’s house and when you get in there you feel the presence…

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