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Human Health Issues are all around us We Try to follow some important ones We feel the food  industry  is keeping way to many secrets.

Food Secret`s You Will Not Like

Food Secret`s You Will Not Like

This subject Will Really think about just producing your own food really hard

A Very Shocking Wake up Call for all of us.Who ever knew they put sugar in Tuna Fish? And 245 Teaspoons Of Sugar A Week ,Just sounds gross But we would not probably not even like our food without it. Then you Bring in the disease Factor it brings a whole new angle as to what it is costing our Population . In terms of our Health.




Now we saw what Human Error and  And down right misleading information can do to our food. Now how about Deadly Stupidly If thats a word Can do. Can you Believe in some countries Folks eat foods that will for sure kill them? And they do this knowingly on purpose. Why? is there not enough to eat that we must eat Poison? I don’t Get that hungry I Guess. Next time someone says “Oh John Cooks this Great Dish, He makes Puffer Fish you could die for” They are not kidding. After you watch this you will know what to serve that very special someone you invited over.