• March 31, 2023
usa in a mess

Our Democracy

Yes The United States is on a down ward slide If we fail to bring to justice the terrorists that rioted in our capital (all of them ), Then we failed our democracy , If we do not hold accountable every last person that inflected damage to our Country and our Democracy on Jan. 6…

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capital riot2


LETS FACE IT These republicans are nuttier than bat shit. They are willing to look the world in the eye and tell them the most obvious lies, To people who know better ,It is So foolish the way they condemn the very Capital Police who quite possibly saved their lives on Jan 6. But they…

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Investigate Jan. 6th As We Should

Right Now On Capital Hill they are trying to put together a decent minded committee to have a hard non biased look at the destruction and murders that took place on Jan. 6th. It appears Nancy Pelosi has rejected Kevin McCarthy`s pick of Jim Jordon to be one of the republican members on this committee,…

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Trump Is Gone Whew

We did it We did everything right We voted him out. Trump Is Gone, I am especially happy we can return this space to pre Trump, Talking about more fun stuff than a law breaking President. Its been a long crazy unpredictable ride thats for sure. But there will be some just as Exciting  News…

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