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Do You Believe in the AfterLife ? How about reincarnation in General ?
These a very heavy topics and many people refuse to even think about this stuff let alone have a discussion about it.
Life after Death is so hard to investigate just because if you do die your already gone moved on. Nobody could talk to you about it if your gone.
And if you have not died yet, Well you could not offer any information on life after death if you never died right?
So that leaves just one small group of people we can examine ,
Thats the People who died moved on to the other side, But then for what ever reason Returned to their body and came back to life.
Sounds crazy but these people  do exist. These are the ones we can learn from. And that is what this video does. So give it a look and hope you learn something.

The After Life

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The After Life

You might say we are in a afterlife right now. I Mean supposedly we have reincarnated on this planet many times.

According to experts. And past life regressionists claim of cases where the  regression subject recalled having experienced Many Many past lives.

But what about the After Life ? Is That Part of life Too? Where do we go for this part of Life ?

Now this all really confuses me.. Does it mean we are now in a After life ? It is After all the life before our next one ! So maybe it is a future After  Life. Or a Past life of the future.

So What part really is the Past Life? Is it the part where we go after we die? Or should I say After our Present Physical Bodies Wear out, And we that is our Souls exit the tired or sick body And float Up, Up to the ceiling,

Some recall looking down at the body. And can even recall who was in the room, What music was Playing all kinds of evidence of this really Happening. We float to the ceiling, Looking down at our old Bodies,

Then I Have heard soon we start our way down the Tunnel, Heading into the after life. Some say toward the light, Others say everything is the light.

Now when we get to the ending of the Tunnel is where it gets sketchy to me. Some say we go before a council of elders. These Elders are all dressed in white flowing robes.

Wearing long Beards and looking pretty  God like. Not sure who these elders are. Then it has been said there is some kind of Huge Screen Or something more Magical Maybe,

And our whole life`s Deeds are showing on this screen. And I Guess some type of commentary is also going on.