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The Mueller Report

You Know not sure about anyone else But I am just not really satisfied with what we were allowed to get out of the Mueller Report. Seems like we had this huge build up then we had kinda a flat tire.  And just like everything else seems like the next big screw up of Trumps took the place of The Mueller Report, And just how they had hoped we kinda forgot about it.

Well only some of us did, I for one am a believer that there was enough info of dirty deeds in the Mueller Report to give a normal criminal president who obstructs justice daily, Enough  rope to hang from. And I know many agree, So I tried to list the Mueller report on this site for download , But had alot of trouble with the server because the file was so large. And I do not think many people got a chance to grab a copy, So I have decided to post the Mueller Report

So im sure there are folks out there that would like to know just what the report said about the trump campaigns effort to help Russia or at least work with them closely to gain a edge over the Clinton campaign. Plus other mis deeds the trumps were up to back then. It is pretty interesting , Ill just post a few pages on a semi regular basis so everybody can keep up no problem, Probably get killed for doing this  but oh well. There will be a regular link on the home page saying The Mueller report. This report has not been edited or changed spell checked or any other alterations by us it just the way we got it.  hope you get a chance to learn and enjoy it. thanksspecial council mueller

Attorney General Barr Testifies Before Senate

Attorney General Barr Testifies Before Senate



Its Very clear listening to this testimony That Attorney General Barr is defending President Trump ,Over representing the People of this Country ,Totally against his Job description,
For what the A.G.`s job is suppose to be .But lets face it thats what Trump wanted all along starting with Jeff Sessions. That is why Sessions was fired ,
Which in reality was obstruction of justice if you were dealing with true facts. But with Trump administration True facts have no place In This white house.

The Mueller Report

The Mueller Report

You could not Make this Stuff Up, Nobody would believe you.

But Here we are, A Short rundown of how we got here, Just for credibility`s sake. U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr is confirmed for his office by the Senate. Even though

Prior to his Senate confirmation  had raised concerns about a 19-page memo he  authored in June 2018 as a private citizen, detailing why he believed President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI .bill barr

Director James Comey a year earlier should not constitute obstruction of justice

That statement alone is very troubling Because it is very clear that was the exact reason for Comey’s Firing,

Trump said so.


special council mueller

At the time many concerns were kept private because he was only a citizen writing a report, But Trump obviously took notice. And after he fired

Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the very same Russian Investigation . Trump  called for Bill Barr as the replacement for Sessions.

Why Red Flags never flew all over Washington, Is a true mystery. But once again Here We Are.

Now the Mueller Report is out, Has Been for about 15 days, And Mr.Barr has no intention so far to release it to congress or anybody else.

Seems like corruption follows President Trump in everything he does, Everything he Touches turns corrupt or a lie.

Including all the Fools that defend his actions. Will Mr. Barr end up in Prison for defending Crime Boss Trump Too ?

We will have to wait and see how this shakes out.