• March 31, 2023

When Trump Goes Away

Dont know how i patiently waited for  When Trump Goes Away, I longed for the day to come where we would not even have to look at his Orange Face any more. Well unfortunately that day never really came , I mean he went to Florida for a few days and kinda stayed quiet a…

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What Do We Do With Trump?

Trump is clearly off his rocker now. Not only is he refusing to accept the fact he lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden (badly) He is refusing to admit it even to himself. He is at this point so deranged that  he believes and is telling people he is going to be reinstated as…

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All Trumps Men

I know i have not posted in a while i`ve been  of the mind set of the less attention you give to something you despise the quicker it will die or at least disappear..  I cannot help myself Just thinking how many of Trumps  Cronies, Bands of thieves, Tag A longs , Lawyers , Hired…

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G.O.P. Senate Really Love Trump

The G.O.P. Senate`s feeding frenzy over Trumps 70+ mil voters has really started a good ole back stabbing contest over who loves Trump bigger, And who can get closest to Trump`s sweaty arm pit. The G.O.P. Senate loves Trump, But Trump could care less about the G.O.P. and its Senators. He dont need any of…

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Barr Dumps On Trump

Well our ass kissing A.G. did a u turn on Trump today . He actually reported that the FBI `s investigation into election fraud that Trump was screaming about. Has turned up zero results that could alter the election. Yes this is true. Right from Barr`s mouth.  Trump about had a shit fit, When asked…

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Election Here We Come

As we drag our selves closer to the finish line, Wore down from Trumps Constant arguments with himself , And Biden’s obvious lead eating Trump alive ,  at this point in the slug-fest,,. Its Election Here We Come..   Trump is getting vicious He knows he could possibly lose real bad. And the lies are…

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Trump Guilty Of Homicide?

Is Trump Guilty Of Homicide? Many say yes. He did lie and withheld vital information that most obviously costs lives. But did he know lives would be lost when he did it? I think Trump is Guilty Of Homicide . I Think he did it for a Trump reason thats so the Stock Market would…

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U.S.A. In A Mess

U.S.A. In A Mess Well just look at us now Mr.Trump. You really made America great did you not?.  over 180,000 dead in 6 months, U.S.A. In A Mess. Farmers in record numbers filing for Bankruptcy cause you thought you would punish China. Our citizens are at war in our streets fighting Trumps Government Army.…

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George Floyd, Corona Virus, And A Less Than Worthless POTUS

Look At The Mess We Find Ourselves In. The illegal looting and arson`s really take away from the huge effort  our loyal protesters have worked so hard to install. I really believe this is the right time for change, Mostly because everything is changing all around us anyway. Just look around Our public is safe…

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Trump Motivate`s Good People

Trump Motivates Good People, That is good people do things that are right, It is in a good persons makeup to do good things. Also to react to things that are not so good. And Trumps actions motivate both reactions, When good people see and witness the less than good things happening they naturally respond…

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Iran Pays As American Wheels Fall Off

Not that Iranian officer Qassem Soleimani , Was A Great guy, Not many of us in this country will openly morn his death. What I’m wondering  about is The True Real  Reasons. There are so many angles to this mess. Maybe we really need to Exam First is the  imminence of this act, Like it was…

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What Kind of Congress Do We Have ?

What Kind of Congress Do We Have What Lowlife Republican Congress did we elect? I cannot believe how these full grown Adults can outright lie, Cover up outright lies, Hey folks your kids are watching. How can they make such fools of themselves covering up for this man Donald J Trump. Look you right in…

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Is Trump on the Verge

Is Trump ready to Melt Down ? He sure going thru alot Albeit self inflicted , Can you imagine his stress level? Would not want to be him , Billionaire or not No Way… I Bet he is flipping out a bit . Some of the shit he says, Just imagine what people around the…

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Democrats Wake Up Call

The American Democratic Party Take Notice Wake Up Call Do the Democrats in Congress And The Senate want to be reelected in 2020? If So Democrats this is your Wake Up Call,  And a very serious one at that..   If they think for one minute that they will be reelected after they blow this…

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Democrats Need To Wake Up Or Get Voted Out

Democrats Need To Wake Up Or Get Voted Out O.K. I Said it and its true, Maybe Nancy Needs To Loose her job. After all that is what happens when people fail to produce at their Jobs, They get replaced. We have had the perfect opportunity to get rid of this festering sore that occupies…

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