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Sign Petition to try and remove the stinch

If you would like to show your dislike for congress women Green And Boebert  Just go here and sign it maybe we can remove some stink in this congress. go here

green and boebert state of union


As these two have been making all the problems they can think of. In no way are they helping the cause for more americans to live a better life, They just push more and more hate, Did you see them at Biden`s State Of The Union Address ? That’s a small example of the work they do for the People. So be sure to sign this petition at move on maybe it will help. go here 

If we can show the world how helpful they are maybe it will make a difference, They need to be shamed for how they act like traitors of our country. Even escorting Jan.6 protestors on tours of the capital to make the plans.




Justice Is On Its Way

Justice Is On Its Way

Finally I Think maybe justice is coming for our country,

Not that im enjoying this so called “Big Lie” Not one bit, we just want it over , But it has to be legit If Laws were broken and we know they were then those responsible after proven in court should be punished. Then can we get back to normal programing? I`ve forgot what that was now. But I  Do know the Jan. 6th bipartisan committee is doing a great job uncovering the pre planned coup of our government and our peaceful transfer of power. They the Republican

Party wanted to install a King to be above all laws and rule as he wishes maybe till death.

While he and his cronies and greedy family rape and pillage our country.

This is not what we want, We want our leaders elected by the people .-

But everytime we turn around we have corrupt government prosecutors that refuse to file charges for clear crimes committed against the American People, And they keep getting away with it.

It has become very embarrassing for our country who we have always been looked to as leaders.To suddenly not capable of policing our own criminals, politics or not. We say no body is above the law. But that is simply not true if your in the upper level of income in U.S.A. You can get away with anything you like to pull. Even Top Secret Documents are fair game.

I Feel bad for the American People  although i am one of them.

we have patiently waited and waited to get Trump out of office, So he could face his crimes.

Then we get a new A.G. Merrick Garland who refuses to look at Trumps Crimes. You cannot make this stuff up. And a D.A. in New York acting the same way, Looks suspicious as hell to many inc. me.

Can not believe our luck or Trumps luck ….



No Fair Trial

No Fair Trial

I cannot believe he is going to get away with this too.  I`m so disgusted

I Cannot even look at my normal news spots ,,  Afraid Of What I might read. Could someone please explain to me what`s up with our Senators ? W,T,F, Is happening to our country, It seems all the republican senate just want to let Trump break the laws at will. I never thought we would see times like these ,

Its a horrible nite mare….  I can hardly even write about it , It is so unbelievable the way the senate is ready to vote to not allow any witness testimony tomorrow as they get ready to wrap up their defense  of  POTUS .

This means With no witness no fair trial, Go figure Trump is involved remember. Im ready to wonder how long until Russian Soldiers are patrolling our streets. This is not right and I truly do not see a good out come in sight.We will have to ride it out till 2020 but you know the election will be rigged , Just look at whats going on now.  Dont want to sound so bleak and down  but this is what we have right now. Its not looking Good. What the hell do you do when the bad guys win ?

Want To Go Live On Mars ?

If its Mars your seeking to move to. Them you need to talk to Elon Musk he is taking reservations now for the first Commuter ship to the red planet,

You can go one way or even just visit Mars for 2 years and catch a return flight that are supposed to be happening every 24 to 26 months apart,

I Do have to admit it sounds very interesting, Check out this video and let Elon Explain the details.

Iran Pays As American Wheels Fall Off

trump liar in chief

Not that Iranian officer Qassem Soleimani , Was A Great guy, Not many of us in this country will openly morn his death.

What I’m wondering  about is The True Real  Reasons. There are so many angles to this mess.

Maybe we really need to Exam First is the  imminence of this act,

Like it was suppose to happen sooner than later. Don’t we know by now about this Orange Lying Baboon.

The highest chance possible of a embassy being destroyed namely Baghdad, Was the given reason.

Then The Subject Went to 4 Embassy`s All in the one Afternoon. This Lying Piece of puke, We got to get him gone

He `s going to get us in deep shit quick. Why wont they physically remove him Before  he really Fucks Something up.

YOU All know what im talking about,the old wag the dog, syndrome .here we are again .you know this was all under control before trump who had made the hateful decision, that if it came by way of Obama it had to go but it was working Iran was in compliance. But  for what ever

Reason  About surely because Obama put it into place Trump had to get rid of it.

This is one sick puppy this guy we call our President. Have you ever noticed whenever he call names to his so called enemies these names are describing himself.

Lets face it folks we are in big trouble, So much so People are extremely worried about the future of our country at this point.

I just  wish i had the power to do something, But single handedly we are powerless.

Donald J Trump Please leave our country alone if you care so deeply about our country resign now. Dont spoil everything we have left just like you have done to everything else you have tried to manage.

Its our elected officials who should be charged with saving this country at this point i have very little hope in this.

At first I hoped the mueller report was going to be enough to cause his exit. There are plenty of crimes out lined in this report to send any normal citizen packing.

But for some reason It bears no effect on Trump.


Moscow Mitch Lifes going to be a Bitch

Our Senate Majority Leader Moscow Mitch McConnell  Turns My Stomach Almost as bad as Bill Barr Trumps Private dept.of Justice

Life`s going to be A Bitch for Mitchmitch mcconnell


Or Close to Trump Himself ,These Three Treasonous Traitors Are a Major Threat

to our country and our very existence, Their Behavior is nothing short of Criminal.

It appears there is no body who may be capable , That is willing to stop this behavior

This has gotten to a emergency. Where are our Paid leaders we elected to take care of our country ?

moscow mitch                                                                                                                                                                                 Bill Barr Trumps Private Justice

bill barr

WHERE ARE ,Our sworn congress and senate members Who promised

under oath to defend and protect our constitution ?

What The Hell Is Happening to our country. Before long somebody is going to invade us thinking we are weak.



Democrats Need To Wake Up Or Get Voted Out

1eyeopen replace democrats

Democrats Need To Wake Up Or Get Voted Out

O.K. I Said it and its true, Maybe Nancy Needs To Loose her job. After all that is what happens when people fail to produce at their Jobs, They get replaced. We have had the perfect opportunity to get rid of this festering sore that occupies the white house, Right when all his cronies were heading off to prison for the summer is when we needed to send Trump on his way too. And I just don`t get it, We will never have this chance again, It has to be when these horrendous Acts of Criminal deeds are discovered other wise it just becomes the normal, And people get used to it and Trump gets away with it again and again.  W.T.F. does it take ? Like Trump said back in 2016 he could stand on 5th ave . Shoot some one and nothing will happen. We need action because right now Trump is above the law, He proves it daily. And our democratic leadership really suck at getting anything done. I Wonder if they are working for Trump just like Lindsay Graham.

Its Pretty crazy when some republicans are actually leading the charge for impeachment actually its good really, Just bad its not the democrats doing it. I Don`t know what to say or do anymore except to remind all voting Democrats to send these non action Dems home for good. We can replace them with congress that will take the best interests of the democratic party, And the country for that matter and do the right thing decisively. And stop worrying about only if they will get reelected, Because we are going to try and stop that from happening.

Democrats Need To Wake Up Or Get Voted Out of  office we are really sick of Career politicians only

concerned if they will be able to spend their whole life in congress, And not about serving the needs of the People of this country. Many congress members notice their wealth out paces their income not long after being elected, Just how does this happen ?

Oh I Know its Magic, No wonder they never want to leave.

I Say to hell with them and their gravy train. Time to get tuff nobody else will.

If Mitch McConnell is not a perfect example of why this country needs term limits then there is none.

He is absolutely the worst Partisan Hack, Dirty Dealing Politician in all of Washington D.C. Bar None… Just look into his wifes dealings as transportation secretary Setting up government contracts for her own company who just happens to build roads, Wonder how she got that position ? huh Mitch? She is from a very wealthy Chinese family who has many business dealings with our government, No need to say they are doing very well. So well in fact they were able to give Their son in law yes Mitch Himself a multi million dollar gift recently. This whole situation stinks like shit.


The Mueller Factor

I`ve got a name for this whole Fiasco The Mueller Factor, Because we all know there are things in that report that don’t look so good for the Prez But this Guy is Greasy as Hell, Like I Said Mr. Trump has Bullshitted His Way To The Top. Proves He is the worlds Top Bullshitter. But What About President ? I Personally do not at all like the idea of him being our president. Scares the shit out of me Why? The Guys Nuts. He is a Looney Tune.Any body who can pull off the kinds of Scams He has , Has Got to Be a bit Sick In The Head to live out the fantasy the way he has. I mean i think His Kids even believe Some of his Fake School Records.He has two sets of scenarios for every kind of deal. This is according to his ex.Fixer Micheal Cohen