• March 31, 2023

Donald J Trump has changed the country

Donald J Trump has changed the country




I would have never believed 2 years ago if I had heard a Senator or Congressman from

The United States Of America speak the words “do you think our president is a Russian Operative?”

Its just hard to fathom, But I do see why it is a question that does surface.Donald J Trump has changed the country.

I mean look at the Helsinki Summit between Trump And Putin.

Trump acted like he wanted to breast feed from Putin. I never seen anything so humiliating the way he just falls to pieces when around Putin. Not a tough guy at all.

So that tells a lot to me about this man’s loyalty, It really seems he is in debt to Putin some way shape or form. If we will ever get the truth about this relationship I doubt it.

Speaking about the truth, Getting anything truthful out of the mouth of Donald Trump would be such a shock we would never believe it anyway.

To think this man is President Of The United States is a total shock to a persons system.

According to the news reports and books written about Mr. Trump, There is nobody in this country that is more criminal, I mean he cheats and breaks the law on literally everything he does.

He is at the very least one of the biggest Bullshitters and fabricators of the truth we have ever seen. He has been lying and Bull Shitting people his entire adult life.

I mean what person in the history of our country has ever conned his way all the way to the top? You got to hand it to him on that one. He is the winner in that category.

But i`m not so sure we want the worlds biggest conman as our President.

I cannot help but think if President Obama had lied ,cheated on his taxes,paid off porn stars , Belittled people with disabilities, Insulted gold star families, Totally insulted our war heroes, Tried to throw out every minority in our country, And all the while lived

as a self made billionaire when in reality he was not even close. I believe they would have ran him out of D.C. And maybe even locked him up.

Have we really lowered the bar that much?

Many people in America still support this fake man. The republicans in the senate still defend his actions. Its unbelievable to me how someone could be so blind as to believe in this man.

He openly cheated on all 3 of his wives, Even while they were pregnant . He is a real piece of work as they say. He cares only about his own persona and what people believe he is instead of what he really is in reality.

How about the story of his wealth?

Donald Trump has stated over and over that he got his start by getting a small loan from his father Fred Trump of one Million Dollars, And he claims he masterfully turned that into a multi billion dollar business.

The facts are ,Over the years it is reported that Donald Trump has actually received over 413 million from his dad over the course of his life but maybe much more.

His dad Fred Trump got his money dealing in New York City real estate , And its been reported that Donald Trump and his dad Fred Trump were involved in wide spread tax evasion having to do with Fred’s business dealings, And Donald was on the receiving end of the wealth Squired from these illegal tax schemes.

So cheating and illegal dealings are nothing new to Donald Trump. Lets not forget Donald Trump was the sole leader in the birther movement that was questioning the fact that President Obama was not born in the U.S.A. But in fact was a African Muslim.

This proved to be total falsehood and after a couple years Trump gave it up.

And Donald Trump is a Bigot years ago he lost a law suit in New York City Along with his Father Fred where he was found guilty of refusing to rent apartments to minority would be renters.

And the Incident in Charolletsville last year where he protected white nationals in a rally where a women was killed. Then just look at this border wall thing he has spent so much time and money on. All because of his hatred of minority’s

He has taken this so far that he declared a national emergency over it,And took funds from other programs congress appropriated, To fund this border wall. He really has a dislike for former President Obama ,Choosing to end as many programs as he can that have Obama’s name on them. Just because he is Black I’m sure.

Lets not forget the travel ban he tried pushing thru, And the Shithole countries he talked about that needed to be included in the travel ban.

But Trump does have some followers it is amazing to me as to why anyone would follow and agree with this man on anything. Just like Senator Lindsay Graham , I cannot for the life of me figure this one out.

Senator Graham’s Best friend in the Senate was John McCain, These two were friends for years. Often traveling together across the planet working together to help solve world and American issues. It seems Senator Graham has back stabbed his longtime friend after he passed away from brain cancer.

Trump always displayed a deep dislike for Senator McCain, Once saying he did not like war heroes who got captured,

Referring to Senator McCain’s being shot down as a pilot over Viet Nam, During the Viet Nam war,

A war by the way that Donald Trump cheated and lied to get out of serving, His dad found a doctor to falsely report that Donald Trump suffered from bone spurs to keep him out of any military service. A Topic Mr. Trump could not recall which leg had bone spurs when questioned about it recently.

Its quite obvious Senator McCain’s war hero status deeply bothered Donald Trump, Because he showed much dislike for him publicly.

And as soon as he passed away Senator Lindsay Graham sucked up hard to Donald Trump, So much so he has been trying to help block the investigations into Mr. Trump’s Criminal Enterprises.

A Sad turn of events. And a showing of Mr. Lindsay Graham’s lack of Good Character and friendship loyalty.

And Mr. Trump has continued to attack John McCain even after his passing with no objections from Mr. Graham. Why do these People go to bat for this con artist of a man who currently hold our nations highest office ?

trumps tune1

Maybe you should ask people like Micheal Cohen who recently was sentenced to years in prison for acting as Mr. Trump`s Private Lawyer and self proclaimed fixer?

He stated before reporting to prison, That he ruined his life and deeply hurt his family ,Defending Mr. Trump ,

For 10 years for things that were either highly unethical or downright illegal.

Its unsure to me and many other people why these people show such loyalty to this scum bag Mr. Trump . Because he shows no loyalty back to anybody,

When he has gotten what he needed from people, He dumps them like a bag of garbage And tells the world how useless they are.

And anyone who dares to mention Mr. Trumps false hoods or criminal behavior They quickly are publicly scorned on news outlets or on his Twitter feed where he conducts his policy’s openly.

Trump fabricates his own realities. When he goes on Twitter he Creates false representations on any subject that happens to be on his mind, With no regard to the real truth,There is no doubt,

Donald J Trump has changed the country

Does not mater that most people know he is stating false information, He keeps repeating these stories over and over. Showing the whole world how messed up his mind really is.

Is this who we want for our president ?

Please think long and hard about this and be sure to vote your conscious in 2020 our future and maybe our freedoms depend on it.