• March 31, 2023
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Family Who Walks On All Fours


Family Who Walks On All Fours,


This family is Beyond Believable first lets say They are very secluded in Australia In a Very small Village with no real contact to much else but this hidden village, This One Family stands out mainly not just because there are 14 children in this family, But they walk on all fours, Yes they use their hands and arms as frontĀ  legs, Not because they want to , But because of some slight Retardation Genetically , Has left them unable to learn to walk correctly .We must note the Parents are in fact first Cousins. Which we know causes Human Health Issues. M.R.I.`S On The Children do show parts of the brains on most of them are under developed. Or missing certain parts. This is Sad But very interesting at the same time.