• March 31, 2023

AG Barr Hear We Are Again

a gag barr

Yes Yes again the A.G. Barr is writing policy again, Now he will not accept his own dept.of justice,

Inspector General report about a investigation that the F.B.I. And maybe D.O.J  cheated and broke all the rules you know the big witch Hunt

We are sure Trump ordered ,

Hell he wants Comey arrested and Jailed.Any way this has been a investigation investigating the investigators  who were investigating Him.

And  all the alphabet agency`s  (think federal crimes) that were watching and checking out Trump and Russia connection. Trumps claims that they all

Cheated and Broke all the rules investigating whether Trump  was in any way hooked at the hip and conspired with Russia to alter our election,

Or if Trump was in any way involved in other ways with Russia, And for good reason. We all know how he has cuddled up to Putin,

Its sickening  If you ask me. Any way Barr rejected the I.G. Report his own D.O.J. Inspector General.

So he is assembling his own hand picked crew deciding to reinvestigate these lifetime D.O.J. employees and lifetime F.B.I. like Comey.

The I.G. Report exonerated  All these career  patriots . its sad sad.

Bill Barr needs to be stopped Impeached Before he does more damage.

Bill Barr is doing damage for Trump being a Bully Trump punishing any one who dare investigate him.

They do not care if these people lose their pensions, All they did was their job.

They are Ruining our country. Hope we can make it thru Trump has messed this up So Bad.