• March 31, 2023

`How To Treat Trump

How many times have we said “its about over ” ?

I Nearly have to pinch myself, to stop realizing. We do not know how to treat Trump.

all I still hear everyday all day is something about Donald J Trump.

So No its far from over

Im nearly to the edge of how much of this I can take. Who cares right .

I Have changed since D.J.T. has broke onto the scene. I find I`m no longer

making real plans, just noticed that a while back,

So I think that part could be progressive gets worse with time. And the behavior

gets worse as we go too. That is D.J.T.`s behavior, He is getting more and more bold.

But how do we treat Trump all the so called Government Pro`s

can not figure it out. The President, Att. General, F.B.I. Nobody knows how to treat Trump.

this is scary he has already done murder remember covid ?

This is way worse than your drunk uncle who wont leave after dinner.

He is running around the world still acting like he is The President,

No body stands up to him,  But who`s job is it ? Not too many getting in line.


There are many problems created around this disaster we are facing. And I think I

maybe have him figured out well kinda… I think its possible D.J.T. might have traded ,

sold or shared some classified secrets our country will  for  sure come to regret.

Just not real sure of the depth this will be. I Also believe his next plan is to cause

the United States to fold, not sure why, Maybe just to see if he can.

He has to be on top, keeping his name on top of the major

news station channels top stories of every hour.