• March 31, 2023

Justice Is On Its Way

Justice Is On Its Way

Finally I Think maybe justice is coming for our country,

Not that im enjoying this so called “Big Lie” Not one bit, we just want it over , But it has to be legit If Laws were broken and we know they were then those responsible after proven in court should be punished. Then can we get back to normal programing? I`ve forgot what that was now. But IĀ  Do know the Jan. 6th bipartisan committee is doing a great job uncovering the pre planned coup of our government and our peaceful transfer of power. They the Republican

Party wanted to install a King to be above all laws and rule as he wishes maybe till death.

While he and his cronies and greedy family rape and pillage our country.

This is not what we want, We want our leaders elected by the people .-

But everytime we turn around we have corrupt government prosecutors that refuse to file charges for clear crimes committed against the American People, And they keep getting away with it.

It has become very embarrassing for our country who we have always been looked to as leaders.To suddenly not capable of policing our own criminals, politics or not. We say no body is above the law. But that is simply not true if your in the upper level of income in U.S.A. You can get away with anything you like to pull. Even Top Secret Documents are fair game.

I Feel bad for the American PeopleĀ  although i am one of them.

we have patiently waited and waited to get Trump out of office, So he could face his crimes.

Then we get a new A.G. Merrick Garland who refuses to look at Trumps Crimes. You cannot make this stuff up. And a D.A. in New York acting the same way, Looks suspicious as hell to many inc. me.

Can not believe our luck or Trumps luck ….