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U.S.A. In A Mess

U.S.A. In A Mess

Well just look at us now Mr.Trump.

You really made America great did you not?.  over 180,000 dead in 6 months, U.S.A. In A Mess.

Farmers in record numbers filing for Bankruptcy cause you thought you would punish China.

Our citizens are at war in our streets fighting Trumps Government Army.

U.S.A. In A Mess. This gov. army will not even I.D. Themselves, But they fight our citizens and haul them away in unmarked  vehicles to who knows where,

Trump sends this army from city to city if they have democratic leadership .

This virus I will call the Trump Virus does not care if you are democrat or republican and because it did not need to be this bad but Trump made it that way.

It is taking lives at will, With only minor testing we have no defense.

Trump talks like the war on the virus is already won. But anyone that thinks right knows better, Always sure  to put the blame anywhere besides himself.

Trump has even blamed Joe Biden for the virus. He has Bill Barr still fighting his legal battles. Or should we say illegal battles. And yes U.S.A. is In A Mess,

This should not surprise anyone just look back at Donald Trumps Life. Its been one huge failure after another.

And many of his current businesses are failing if not for the criminal way he has used the Government to prop them up since being in office.

Trump has committed so many crimes while in office , No body can keep track.

Remember he was impeached for illegal acts against a alley Ukraine . And he has not stopped,

Currently he is trying hard to cripple the Post Office he hopes it will help deliver him the election of course illegally.

All the criminal buddies of his have got out of prison because Trump gave them pardons,

He has fired every Inspector General  who might have the thought of doing their job and investigate crimes Trump has organized.

Just like the Mexicans paid for the wall Trump has Made America Great Again,

That is if it is great to have  the U.S.A. In A Mess.usa in a mess

‘Tic Tac shaped’ object and ‘orange circle’ above North Wales spark UFO speculation

featured image the afterlife

Source: Daily Post.co.uk

Lynn Murphy told how one of the objects was spinning and looked similar to a “white tic tac” that had “two black crossed underneath it”.

Next to it was a “very clear orange circle” that was like nothing she had ever seen before.

The 60-year-old from Connah’s Quay claims she saw them both through her bedroom window after waking at 2.41am on July 21.

After noticing a friend from Prestatyn had shared some images on Facebook minutes earlier of some strange objects in the sky, she was shocked when she could see exactly the same thing above the house opposite her window.

She told how one of the objects was spinning and looked similar to a white tick tack that had two black crossed underneath it (Image: Lynn Murphy)

“At first I thought it looked like a giant star that was out of place, it was massive and looked like it shouldn’t have been there,” Ms Murphy said.

“It wasn’t the space station or a satellite, it wasn’t an airplane or a drone – it wasn’t anything I know of, it was just this bright light turning quickly.”

Around two weeks later, her neighbour claimed to have also witnessed the same thing that night.

“There were four witnesses to that that I know of,” she added.

“It’s very intriguing. There was no noise so it couldn’t have been a helicopter.”

However, it wasn’t the first time Ms Murphy experienced something she believed to be extraterrestrial.

Several unidentified flying objects have appeared right before her eyes over the year, she says.

Next to the spinning object, she saw a very clear orange circle (Image: Lynn Murphy)

The most bizarre was in the early hours of the morning in April 2011, during a camping trip to Cardigan.

Ms Murphy said when she stepped outside the tent after being woken in the night by the sound of “screaming sheep”, she witnessed a “massive horse shoe shaped object” in the sky.

“The sheep sounded like they were being tortured,” she said.

“I walked to the end of the field to see if I could see any sheep but there was nothing.

“As I looked over the valley, I saw this great big massive horse shoe shaped object.

“It had nine lights that were rhythmic with each other and were changing from white to red.

“It was nothing I had ever seen before.”

She added a red ball of red light then came over a hill, swooped down the valley and settled next to the bizarre object.

“They were both in rhythm together, and the next thing, they slotted in together and the whole area went silent” she said.

“It never moved, so I just ran as fast as I could back to the tent.

“My heart was bouncing off the floor, I was terrified.”

Ms Murphy believes her first “experience” was around late November in 1978, when she was living in Connah’s Quay.

“I woke up about 1.30am and I felt something strange and overpowering, and there was a sort of humming noise,” she said.

“I looked out the window and there was nothing there.

Lynn Murphy’s friend from Prestatyn shared some images of what she believes were the same UFOs over North Wales on July 21

“I knew it wasn’t right because it was scaring me so I got the boys and put them in bed with me.

“My eldest son was 16 months and my other son was six weeks old.

“The terror I felt was bad, my heart was pounding out of my chest.

“After about 10 minutes, the feeling went but it felt as though there was something above the house.

“I was too scared to look, so I just stayed in bed with the babies.”

Lynn Murphy’s friend from Prestatyn shared some images of what she believes were the same UFOs over North Wales on July 21

Some years later in the early 90s, she claims to have had more “overwhelming experiences”, similar to the first.

“Every now and again, I could feel this energy,” she said.

“One night, it must have been around 11.30pm, and my husband at the time told me to come outside.

“He wasn’t the kind of person to believe in all this kind of thing.

“I looked up and there was a giant black triangle above the street – it must have been the size of two football pitches – it was giant.

“There was no vibration or sound, it was silent and just floating.

“On each of its corners, there was a white glowing light and it had a round, dull orange light on the bottom.

“We just stood there and watched it, and it eventually started gliding away and then it just shot off towards the estuary.”

Over the years, she’s also heard of several reports of UFO sightings by the River Dee estuary and out of the sea near Rhyl towards the Clwydian Range.

“I can’t really explain any of it, all I know is what I’ve seen and I know I haven’t imagined any of it.

“As soon as you start talking about this stuff, people straight away ridicule you.

“But I can’t help what I’ve experienced and what I’ve seen.”

Source: Daily Post.co.uk

Biocompatible TeSex nano-alloys for PT/PA/CT/PET imaging-guided NIR-II-photothermal therapy

Source: Phys.org

The emergence of diverse multifunctional nanomaterials and advanced nanotechnologies unprecedentedly simulates the evolution of nanotheranostics, and enables the integration of multimodal imaging and therapeutic functions in a single theranostic nanoparticle for high-efficacy theranostics of diseases. In engineering of theranostic nanoplatforms, biocompatibility and multifunction are two most important factors which need to be considered. Among various nanotheranostics, multimodal imaging-guided photothermal therapy has attracted intensive attention owing to its less invasiveness and lower side effects compared with conventional radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

In a new article published in the Beijing-based National Science Review, scientists in Shenzhen University, China, hypothesize that controllable incorporation of the biocompatible Se element into the lattice of Te nanostructures for construction of TeSex nano-alloys could intrinsically tune the inherent cytotoxicity of Te nanomaterials, enhance the biocompatibility of Te nanomaterials and extend their functions for biomedical applications. In this work, a series of TeSex nano-alloys with different Se incorporating proportions are synthesized to investigate their biocompatibility and develop their theranostic functions.

It has been determined that the toxicity of Te nanomaterials mainly comes from irreversible oxidation stress and intracellular imbalance of organization and energy, which is exterminated by the nano-alloying by incorporating a moderate proportion of Se (x=0.43). The synthesized TeSex nano-alloy exhibits extraordinarily high NIR-II-photothermal conversion efficiency (77.2%), 64Cu coordination and CT contrast capabilities, enabling high-efficacy photothermal therapy of cancer under the guidance of multimodal PT/PA/PET/CT imaging.

Several main advances have been achieved. Firstly, advanced TeSex nano-alloys may be facilely constructed to intrinsically eliminate the inherent toxicity of Te nanomaterials by the moderate incorporation of biocompatible Se. Secondly, advanced mechanisms for Te nanomaterial toxification and TeSex alloying detoxification were uncovered. Finally, advanced theranostic performance with ordinarily high NIR-II-photothermal efficiency and multimodal PT/PA/CT/PET imaging capability have been achieved by the proposed nano-alloying strategy.

Source: Phys.org

The Mysterious Cold War Case Of Unidentified Aircraft Descending On Loring Air Force Base

Source: The Drive

Despite the newfound attention the topic of unexplained incursions into airspace over sensitive locales across the United States is receiving, these types of bizarre incidents are not necessarily new. One of the most puzzling accounts of such an event, or series of events, occurred during the depths of the Cold War. 

Over a series of nights in 1975, Loring Air Force Base in Maine was invaded by mysterious craft originating from Canadian airspace. At the time, the base was home to B-52 bombers and KC-135 tankers and was tasked with the nuclear alert mission. The Loring AFB incidents are extremely well documented, both in terms of personal testimonials and declassified CIA and National Military Command Center (NMCC) documents. What also made the events so interesting was just how many people were involved or knew about the potential threat and the reaction to it. It was truly a community-scale ordeal that even made its way into the national press. Considering we are talking about a base that housed nuclear weapons and a delivery system for those weapons, the bombers and tankers they rely on, the concern regarding the strange incursions was extreme, to say the least.

What is also interesting about the bizarre events at Loring Air Force Base in the fall of 1975 was what was going on elsewhere, as well. Based on additional official documentation and reports, similar occurrences were remarkably widespread during this time period, albeit few, if any, were as widely experienced or as public in nature.

Unidentified ‘Helicopters’ Appear Over Loring Air Force Base

It was October of 1975. At the time, Loring Air Force Base was a Strategic Air Command (SAC) base that housed two KC-135 tanker squadrons and a B-52 bomber squadron, which had the alert nuclear weapons delivery mission. It was SAC’s easternmost base in the continental United States, putting it in a unique position to quickly respond to a crisis.

The strange affair began on the evening on October 27 when security personnel at the base observed what was described officially as “an unidentified helicopter” that appeared near the northern perimeter of the installation. The aircraft was said to be flying at a low altitude, estimated to be around 150 feet, and appeared to feature a red navigational light and a white strobe. The helicopter seemed to be particularly interested in the highly-secure nuclear weapons storage area at Loring. Army National Guard helicopters were dispatched in an attempt to contact and identify the aircraft, but those attempts proved unsuccessful. The base was immediately put on high alert.

Shortly after the craft appeared, radar operators in the control tower at Loring observed another unknown aircraft circling between 10 and 13 miles northeast of the base. Once again, that aircraft could not be identified despite numerous attempts to make contact by radio on both civilian and military channels. The first unknown aircraft eventually turned north and flew into Canada near Grand Falls, New Brunswick, and the second unknown craft vanished from radar, possibly landing or descending below radar coverage.

The next night, on October 28, another unknown aircraft appeared over Loring, this time without lights. Once again, National Guard helicopters were sent to investigate, but were unable to establish visual confirmation of the aircraft. In an Operation Report (OPREP) issued after the incident, officials wrote that “It is our opinion that the unknown helicopter has demonstrated a clear intent in the weapons storage area, is smart and a most capable aviator.” The incidents continued through at least October 30th. 

In response to the incursion, Loring increased its local security presence and coordinated with Canadian authorities to allow U.S. aircraft to pursue the offending aircraft into Canadian airspace should the unknown aircraft return.

The New York Times reported on the incursions in the 1979 article “U.F.O. Files: The Untold Story,” adding that despite the fact the Joint Chiefs of Staff received multiple briefings on the incursions, “Subsequent investigations by the Air Force into the sightings at Loring Air Force Base, Maine, where the remarkable series of events began, did not reveal a cause for the sightings.”

Eyewitness Accounts Complicate The Helicopter Narrative

One account of the aerial intrusions at Loring comes from Arthur Beers, who served at the base from 1970 to 1976. In an account posted to LoringRemembers.com, a site dedicated to chronicling the experiences of the many men and women who served at Loring, Beers described his “most memorable experience” at Loring:

Probably my favorite story was when I was in the Rated Supplement as a Security Police Shift Commander.  I was on duty one evening when the Nuclear Weapons Storage Area was buzzed by a unknown helicopter. Obviously we reported this up channel and I raced out to the storage area. When I arrived, I was told that the National Emergency Command Post was on the line for me. When I talked to the Colonel at the National Command Post and explained what had been reported by my team at the storage area, he gave me orders to shoot down the helicopter if it tried to buzz the area again.

I immediately went out to the brief my SAT Teams on these orders but before I could complete that briefing I was called back to the entry point where I talked with a General Officer who said that the President had been briefed and that my new orders were to shoot only if the helicopter tried to land (ah, heck!). I went out and rebriefed my teams in just the nick of time as the unknown pilot in an unlighted Huey type helicopter came back again and then two more times during my shift. He came back three other nights and then just disappeared. To my knowledge the identity was never discovered.

A interesting side note to this, once the information got up to NORAD that we had this unauthorized flying over the storage area, NORAD launched the F-106 that was on alert at Loring. Not exactly sure how that jet jockey was going to see or shoot at a helicopter, 50 feet off the ground in the Northern Maine woods at night running with no lights, but I guess NORAD had to do something. Never saw the F-106, did see the helicopter.

Other personal testimony complicates the claims that the intruder was actually helicopter. Michael Wallace, a former KC-135 tanker pilot who was stationed at Loring in 1975, shared his own bizarre Loring incursion experience on YouTube.

Wallace states that he was briefed on an incursion over the nuclear-armed B-52s and weapons storage facilities at Loring. Wallace and a few hundred other personnel were informed of a silent, luminous object hovering over the base which could move “very quickly” and “unconventionally” in “rapid, straight-line movements, with straight vertical movements, can turn without any apparent radius in the turn. It’s pretty incredible technology.” The object was openly referred to as a UFO by base personnel.

Wallace goes on to claim that Loring personnel were briefed only to speak to SAC officers about the incursion, not to speak to the press, and that they were “going to tell the press that there was a Canadian helicopter crossing the border and harassing us.” He also notes that interceptors were going to be brought in to assist in the efforts to protect the base and investigate what was going on. 

Wallace was eventually sent on a refueling mission in his KC-135 to support F-4 Phantoms for unrelated training when his flight was notified by the base’s command post to switch radio frequencies. The lead KC-135 in the flight was instructed to depart the formation, turn off its lights, go radio silent, and proceed to Loring under its own discretion, something Wallace describes as a highly unusual order. 

Wallace remembers hearing “stressed voices” over the radio as the pilots and tower personnel attempted to track the object as it seemed to fly back and forth over the base at incredible speeds. As quickly as the transmissions began, they ended as tower personnel stated simply “We’ve lost it.” When Wallace later saw the pilot of the lead aircraft who was sent to intercept the object, he told Wallace “I can’t talk about it, and you wouldn’t believe me if I could talk about it.”

LoringRemembers.com contains numerous other references to the 1975 incursions, with many former Loring personnel calling the incident their most memorable experience. One former Field Maintenance Squadron member remembers “the activity on the flight-line was a frenzy” the night of the incursion.

John E. Morkavich, who served at Loring from 1972 to 1975, recounted the following to LoringRemembers.com:

I was a Hospital Corpsman OR Tech 72-75 and one night in the fall of 73 (I will stand corrected if someone else recalls and has better time line [sic]) the base sirens went off and they said thats [sic] the big one thats [sic] gonna scramble the jets and bombers. About 6 of us got on the roof of the medical barracks and waited for whatever. The base went nuts, claxons, sirens, security police vehicles speeding around lots of flashing lights. Lots of flight line roaring of engines. Well about 3 weeeks [sic] later I was in the Officers Club with Dr John P Sheppard and a couple of pilots were sitting with us. We talked sports and politics then Doc Sheppard asked what the hell happened the other night. They replied with the ubiquitous “Do You Have a Need To Know?” Sheppard said hell yes, so I heard this explanation and both pilots were dead serious. 

There was a UFO that came up on radar out of nowhere and was hovering over East Loring near the weapons storage facility. Aircraft was scrambled to intercept, it was seen visually and tracked on radar. Then the Lt Colonel said. “This damn thing was there one second and gone the next, vanished….then radar analysis showed this bogey was so far away and at such a high altitude…..let me tell you this -“… there is NOTHING on THIS PLANET that can do the things this aircraft or damn UFO did….” Then they got up and walked away from the table. Sheppard and I were stunned and we did not talk about it again. This is no BS and I welcome those who were there and remember.

LoringRemembers.com even contains a section called “the official UFO story” which states simply “In 1975, a ‘UFO’ buzzed the WSA over a few nights. Internet lore has stamped this as a true UFO conspiracy involving numerous other bases. The DOD released a declassified report on the incident.”

One of the most thorough investigations of the Loring incidents was conducted by Barry Greenwood and Lawrence Fawcett and included in their 1984 book Clear Intent: The Government Coverup of the UFO Experience. An excerpt from that book containing sections on Loring can be found online here. It goes into great detail as to what the narrative of events was, at least according to their research. We will pick it up on the second night, but we encourage you to read the whole excerpt. 

On October 28, 1975, at 7:45 P.M., Sgt. Clifton W. Blakeslee and Staff Sgt. William J. Long, both assigned to the 42nd Security Police Squadron, were on duty at the munitions storage area. Along with Sgt. Danny Lewis, both Sgts. Blakeslee and Long spotted what appeared to be the running lights of an aircraft approaching Loring Air Force Base from the north at 3,000 feet. The aircraft did not come closer to Loring than about three miles at this time, and it was observed intermittently for the next hour. 

On first spotting the craft, Sgt. Lewis called the Command Post and advised it that the unknown craft had returned to Loring. Lewis reported that he could see a white flashing light and an amber or orange light. Once again, the Commander, 42nd Bomb Wing responded. Rushing to the area of the storage dump, he observed the unknown craft. He reported seeing a flashing white light and an amber-colored light on the object also. The speed and movement in the air suggested that the craft was a helicopter. From 7:45 P.M. to 8:20 P.M., it was under constant observation, both visually by the personnel in the storage area and electronically by the control tower radar, which showed the craft at a position three miles north of the Loring perimeter.

The unknown craft would appear and disappear from view, and, at one point, appeared over the end of the runway at an altitude of 150 feet. The object subsequently shut off its lights and reappeared over the weapons storage area, maintaining an altitude of 150 feet.

At this time, Sgt. Steven Eichner, a crew chief on a B-52 bomber, was working out of a launch truck along with Sgt. R. Jones and other members of the crew. Jones spotted a red and orange object over the flight line. It seemed to be on the other side of the flight line from where the weapons storage area was located. To Eichner and Jones, the object looked like a stretched-out football. It hovered in midair as everyone in the crew stared in awe. As they watched, the object put out its lights and disappeared, but it soon reappeared again over the north end of the runway, moving in jerky motions. It stopped and hovered. Eichner and the rest of the crew jumped into the truck and started to drive toward the object. 

Proceeding down Oklahoma Avenue (which borders the runway), they turned left onto the road that led to the weapons storage area. As they made the turn, they spotted the object about 300 feet in front of them. It seemed to be about five feet in the air and hovered without movement or noise. Exhibiting a reddish-orange color, the object was about four car lengths long. Eichner described what he saw next:

“The object looked like all the colors were blending together, as if you were looking at a desert scene. You see waves of heat rising off the desert floor. This is what I saw. There were these waves in front of the object and all the colors were blending together. The object was solid and we could not hear any noise coming from it.”

They could not see any doors or windows on the object nor any propellers or engines which would keep the object in the air. Suddenly, the base came alive. Sirens began screaming. Eichner could see numerous blue lights on police vehicles coming down the flight line and runway toward the weapons storage area at high speed. Jones turned and said to the crew, “We better get out of here!” They immediately did. The Security Police did not try to stop them. Their interest was in the object over the storage dump, not in the truck which was in a restricted area. The crew drove the truck back to its original location and watched from there. The scene at the weapons storage area was chaotic, with blue lights rotating around, and the vehicles’ searchlight beams shining in all directions.

The men in the crew decided not to report what they had seen, because they had entered a restricted area and could have been arrested for the violation.

The object shut off its lights and disappeared, not to be seen again that night. The 42nd Police conducted a security sweep of the weapons storage area inside and out, with no results. Radar had once again briefly tracked the object heading for Grand Falls, New Brunswick, finally losing the unknown at Grand Falls itself.

Priority messages were sent to the National Military Command Center in Washington, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, the Air Force Forward Operations Division at Fort Ritchie, Maryland, SAC Headquarters, and the 9th Air Force, 45th Division, advising them that an unknown object had penetrated the base and had been in the nuclear storage area.

The writers interviewed Chief Warrant Officer Bernard Poulin of the Maine Army National Guard’s 112th Medical Company (Air Ambulance), who was tasked with tracking down and identifying the unknown aircraft in a UH-1 as the nightly occurrences wore on in late October. Poulin told Fawcett that despite numerous witnesses seeing and hearing the intruder, his helicopter crew could not get visual confirmation on the aircraft, but gives additional details of his experiencing of walking into the SAC base on high alert for a mysterious intruder:

“Well, we were launched on the first search mission after ground personnel started to see or hear the, quote, if you will, “UFO” go by. So, we would launch, and I believe that we were in the air for around 40 minutes looking for this thing, with the idea that it was a rotary-type craft we were searching for. We were vectored in by ground personnel to different spots on the base where the ground personnel were seeing or hearing it. All this time we were being tracked by base radar [traffic control radar which is designed to pick up aircraft], and radar was not painting the object that was being reported. Ground personnel would call and say the object is at this location, but radar would not pick it up.

Well, anyway, we hunted around, and we didn’t see anything. Again they would call and say they could hear it at a location, and we would go there, but could not see it. We would then shut down and wait for the next call. And that went on for a couple of nights. This, again, was early evening or early in the morning. I can recall on the second night of the mission radar picked up a return, but it turned out to be a KC-135 tanker returning from overseas.”

Poulin was asked: “According to some of the documents, personnel on the ground were reporting that at times you would bring your craft within 100 feet of the intruder, yet you could not see it?” He answered:

“Yes, well, we could go real low to where they said it was and would turn on our search light and sweep the area with the light, but we never saw the craft. After it was over, we discussed our mission. The powers to be were quite concerned about what was going on and if we were able to see anything. They maintained all along up there, you know, those are pretty sensitive places and they have to know what the hell was going on.”

When they arrived at the base, the security lid was on so tightly that both pilots were permitted to call their wives only once to say that they were on a mission. In a meeting with Chapman, Poulin recalled the Commander saying, “We’ve got to keep the lid on the fact that someone has been able to penetrate in and around the bomb dump, and we don’t know what’s going on. We’ve got to find out what is going on and prevent it from happening again.”

Greenwood and Fawcett continue: 

At Loring, additional manpower was armed and ready for deployment. The Security Police Battle Staff was to be manned at Central Security Control. An additional two-man mobile patrol was assigned to the weapons storage area during the hours of darkness, while a ten-man reserve force was standing by, ready for deployment. A two-man patrol would be positioned at key vantage points about one mile north of the base for added surveillance. An SAC/SP message informed northern tier bases of the situation and recommended a “Security Option Three” alert all along the U.S.-Canadian border.

The message went to Pease AFB in New Hampshire, Plattsburgh AFB in New York, Wurtsmith AFB in Michigan, Kinchloe AFB in Michigan, Sawyer AFB in Michigan, Grand Forks AFB in North Dakota, Minot AFB in North Dakota, Malmstrom AFB in Montana, Fairchild AFB in Washington, and Barksdale AFB in Iowa. The subject-identifying line of the message was “Defense Against Helicopter Assault,” and it read:

The past two evenings at one of our northern tier bases, an unidentified helicopter has been observed hovering over and in the near vicinity of the weapons storage area. Attempts to identify this aircraft have so far met with negative results. In the interest of nuclear weapons security, the action addresses will assume Security Option 3 during hours of darkness until further notice. Actions also should be taken to re-establish liaison with local law enforcement agencies that could assist your base in the event of a similar incident. Bases should thoroughly review and insure [sic] all personnel are familiar with actions to take in association with the helicopter denial portion of your 207-xx plan.

On October 30, the Maine National Guard helicopter was replaced by a USAF helicopter and crew from Plattsburgh Air Force Base. The following evening there were several reports of unknown objects suspected to be helicopters, at distances varying from directly over the base to 10 nautical miles northeast of the base. Some reports were confirmed on RAPCON radar with altitudes between 300 and 5,000 feet.

Additional, sporadic reports of helicopters continued well into December, though many of these were subsequently identified as normal helicopter traffic. In these reports, however, a distinction was drawn between the October sightings and later reports: Robert Fauk, Deputy Chief Patrol Agent with the U.S. Border Patrol, said he felt that an alleged helicopter report of November 18 was not the “Midnight Skulker of Loring.” 

He added, “This craft was too slow and too small to be the craft they had problems with at Loring.”

Strangely enough, the Lewiston Daily Sun newspaper in Maine reported two eyewitnesses encountering a curiously lit aircraft on the morning of October 27, 1975 near the town of Poland. Poland is in the southwest corner of Maine, while Loring was in the northeast, so the two events may be unrelated. Still, it’s curious that two eyewitnesses far from the Air Force Base would describe seeing such a similar aircraft on the same night that the Loring encounters began. Greenwood and Fawcett’s book also claims a rash of civilian sighting occurred around the same time throughout the area.

Similar Incursions Continued At Other Military Installations

Eerily similar events occurred at other U.S. Air Force Bases in the months following the incident at Loring AFB, although there is no definitive evidence that any of them were linked. On October 30, just days after the Loring incursion, the now-decommissioned Wurtsmith AFB in eastern Michigan had its own encounter detailed in the missive below.

In November 1975, personnel at Malmstrom AFB in Montana, another Strategic Air Command site, encountered bright lights that seemed to be accompanied by jet engine noises. NORAD scrambled two interceptors in an attempt to locate and identify the aircraft, but was unsuccessful in their attempts to do so.

In January of 1976, Cannon AFB in eastern New Mexico reported two unidentified flying objects described as “25 yards in diameter, gold or silver in color with blue light on top, hole in the middle and red light on bottom.”

On January 31, 1976, security personnel at Eglin AFB in Florida spotted lights near one of their radar sites, and later issued a press release announcing the incident.

Later that year, on July 30, 1976, security patrols at Fort Richie in Maryland spotted “3 oblong objects with a reddish tint” near ammunition storage areas, although a National Military Command Center memo issued after the incident cites temperature inversions in the area as a possible cause for the unexplained sightings.

Reporters Ward Sinclair and Art Harris referenced several of these events in a 1979 article in The Washington Post, and wrote that “a Nov. 11, 1975, directive from the office of the secretary of the Air Force instructed public information staffers to avoid linking the scattered sightings unless specifically asked.”

Numerous documents have been declassified via the Freedom of Information Act which shed light on the Department of Defense’s response to the mysterious incidents at Loring and at other bases, some of which are mentioned above. You can read these documents for yourself at the PDF link below.

An Unsolved Mystery

The 1975 incident at Loring Air Force Base shows that even nearly 50 years ago, some of America’s most strategically sensitive sites were vulnerable to intrusion from mysterious craft. While some reports cite the objects as “helicopters,” multiple eyewitness accounts complicate this characterization by describing jet engine noises, incredible feats of speed and maneuverability, bizarre descriptions of physical craft, and a seeming inability for pilots to get visual confirmation of them.

Whether the multi-day string of aerial intrusion incidents over Loring AFB was perpetrated by a wily helicopter pilot with still unknown motivations, some type of bizarre Cold War strategic gamesmanship, or something even more exotic, remains unclear. The reality is that any of those possibilities are fascinating in their own right. 

What is clear is that something extremely strange did happen over the span of at least four nights at Loring in the fall of 1975, incidents that had hundreds of witnesses, some of which have provided direct testimonial as to their experiences. Although personal observations can vary in accuracy greatly, the core aspects of these events are backed up by numerous official documents that reach up to the highest levels of the U.S. military’s command structure. According to other documents from the time period, Loring wasn’t alone in enduring bizarre visits by unidentified aircraft, although in terms of the scope and detail of such incidents, the Loring AFB case seems to have few parallels.

Source: The Drive

Trump Has Damaged The USA

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Take a good hard look at the U.S.A. these days. Every since Donald Trump has been in office this country has gotten further away from a  great country the rest of the world looked up to as somewhere they would love to live. Or somewhere other countries would ask for help or guidance ,protection, technology, or help fighting hunger and poverty. Now days nobody wants to be here including many Americans. Trump has turned the U.S.A. into a laughing stock of the world, But nobody is laughing. The United States has become a disaster zone. Not just because we rank the highest death rate from Covid 19 virus, Or because our President is clueless of how to fight this or any other epidemic, So much so he has totally given up. Or the fact we elected the most unqualified  thoughtless coward we could find. To fill our highest office. The person we put into office seems to be holding our once great country hostage, Using our country as a cash machine for his over greedy family and rich cronies ,And breaking or changing every law that stands in his way. Yes Trump has damaged the U.S.A. Maybe beyond fixing. Its truly embarrassing to think what the rest of the world must be thinking. Im getting on in my years now like most of my friends. But our children and grand children have to try to keep on living in this mess Donald Trump has created for us. Like most good people i have taught my kids to be honest law abiding people who would much rather show love than hate and dishonesty. Now what they see as normal is to lie and cheat to get what you want, And hurting others by your actions is fair play. And dragging other people down and kicking dirt in their faces is fine as long as none gets in yours. Who really likes this kind of lifestyle, I cannot imagine what type of people really rallies around this man. Dont they see just what he is doing?  Almost daily you hear about another instance of some kind of dirty dealing by him or his close ties. Are we totally numb to this? Or like the headline says Trump Has Damaged The USA. My biggest question is How and Why does he keep getting away with this ?That is why I do not have much hope that a election is going to help our situation. I mean he just does whatever he wants to get the results he wants. His Criminal buddies have committed countless crimes been convicted then released by Trump like Roger Stone who today got his sentence commuted by Trump.  And he has recruited some big players to help him out. Have a look at Bill Barr just the amount of dirty deeds he has pulled for Trump would give most people life in prison. There is so much behind the scenes firings and hiring to stop investigations that would have ended much of this but it goes ignored. To stop my useless ranting ill just say again  Trump Has Damaged The USA, nuff said.

Mr. Space Man

Dear Mr. Spaceman    

Mr. Space Man

Please Help Us.


“How can you stop this from happening?

The answer is simply stop the unnecessary tests of these bombs.

For those who maintain it is necessary to show the military strength, we can only say what strength is there to be shown that deprives the people, vegetation and animals of a perfectly beautiful and attainable future otherwise. Is it truly possible that the deceivability of such destructive weapons can replace sane, sound actions of better living?

It is necessary now for the Space People living upon Earth to take protective measures or otherwise suffer the same effects from radio activity as the citizens. It is not possible for us to give Earth’s people enough of the protectors without the co-operation of the governments, and such cooperation is at present unattainable.

The continuance of these tests are affecting all responsible for them, and if one accepts reincarnation as an answer it would be definitely seen why no one here or responsible for these tests would want to re-live again in mutated bodies of the future generations.

If reincarnation be unacceptable to the average person, then the knowledge that these tests are mutating their children and their children’s children should be sufficient reason for stopping them. Our warning to Earth is cease your tests and save your future.”

     What the Space People are trying to make clear in this message and many others similar to this is that Earth is now in a most perilous situation, and faces self-destruction of humanity. In the two years we have contacted the Brothers they have been concerned and talked most frequently about the destructibility of the A and H bomb.

Speaking of this destruction, the questions I mentioned earlier come to my mind, and that is concerning the evil flying saucers and evil space people.

First, we must consider the evidence presented. There have been saucers that were reported as having a negative effect upon people by burning them or causing nausea, etc.

And in some instances there have been cases reported where people have been assaulted by beings that have emerged from some saucers and actually attacked them.

The descriptions of these beings have been generally of a small type of people who were unusually crafty or mischievous and who actually grasp people and attempted to drag them into their craft.

Where do these beings come from, and why are they entering this system? No doubt most of you will agree there is a tremendous battle going on between the good and the bad, which concerns all thoughts, actions and influences.

From thousands of years ago to the present age this battle between right and wrong has been waged against civilization and has balanced first in favor of the good and righteous, and then turning and swaying in favor of the wicked or evil. This strange course of events has been necessary for certain conditions to prevail upon Earth, so that beneficial results would come about.

The devastating bubonic plague that swept Europe in the Dark Ages was indeed a terrible thing and was judged to be just that by the people, but this negative condition actually paved the way for more sanitary conditions. All evil will give way to the good, and all wrong has a right.

     The space people that have negative qualities about them are coming from farther space systems, although I do not wish to imply that all space craft from farther systems is evil. Many of the craft from farther systems are very good and are also trying to help Earth;

However, it is only those certain evil systems that we should consider when I say those from a farther system than our own. It is these negative beings who are here for the purpose of actually taking people from Earth to indoctrinate them with their ideas, so they in turn will cause confusion and disturbances upon the planet.

The true purpose behind this is to prevent harmony and peace, for they are in alliance with those beings living in Earth, who themselves will be forced to leave Earth when peace and brotherhood is completed.

The gains that these negative people obtain from their alliance with those other negatives in Earth is not known by us, but it must be quite profitable for them to engage so actively against the Space Brothers who are trying to help Earth.

The Space Brothers who are trying to help Earth have to contend with these craft and beings from other less desirable systems, and also have to contend with the disbelieving masses of people who either do not know of the need for harmony and peace or those who do not want to listen to their urgent requests.

The job of the Space Brothers is not easy, for it is necessary to prepare the people of Earth to accept their existence, and also to guide them in proper understanding so that peace and co-existence will be possible.http://




Many people seem to feel that the negative beings are only from planet Earth and consists only of those fallen angels who were cast out of heaven by a Supreme Command from the Most High.

Many can quote the proper passages of the Bible and prove that there are fallen angels living here on Earth, who cause the necessary confusion and evil which we here must live among.

There are those intelligence’s of superior powers whom we would call fallen angels living in Earth, but it is not wholly from them that the evil or bad flying saucers come.

As you look up into the sky at night you see multitudes of stars, planets and suns moving on in beautiful orbits. However, if you could move out through  space and watch the barbarous conditions that exist upon some of these stars you would be shocked.

There are some systems advanced in scientific accomplishments to the degree of mastery over space, but those systems have advanced in science alone and have little spiritual advancement. 

They come here to Earth and to other planets in farther systems to form alliance with those intelligences who will provide them the necessary fulfillment of their evil desires and wishes.

          Planet Earth is now visited by such craft, whose occupants live and profit from the unrest and disharmony present. Who can truly say what percent of our actions are fueling these beings with necessary materials and profit.

What these profits are cannot be said by us, for only each one of us in our own understanding can know in Truth what their actions consist of that could be used as a fuel by the negative ones.

These negatives can present very good arguments and can deceive the unwary in many ways. Their goal is to conquer and own, without any concern how they do it.

They may use one form of attraction one time and another the next. Now, how, you probably think, do we know about this. I can only say that many times, more than we have recorded or remembered, we have been interrupted in our attempts to contact the Brothers by means of our device, and then encounter the beamed transmission of a negative craft.

In many instances these beings have mocked our efforts and have belittled the Brothers and us. Other times they have lied and said they were the M-4 Section of Mars and they had a message for us from the Council, and that we were to say such-and-such or else we were to stop speaking altogether.

Patience is a good way to win with their persistence, for they cannot persist too long without getting angry and revealing themselves. Once we were interrupted by them and told flatly who they were and what they wanted us to do.

They asked us to prepare a book for them and expose the whole untruth connected with the story of the fallen angels. This book was to be delivered by one of their very advanced minds, and to be created in manuscript form by us and offered for publication.


Please notice that I said this book was to be done in this manner at their request. We refused to do as asked by them, and burned the first few sections of their story when it was delivered to us.

From that time up to the present we have been interrupted only occasionally, and then their attitudes have not been quite as demanding. We refuse to have anything to do with this type of beings and wish to serve only those of goodness and light.

     The subject of negative beings can be connected directly with much unusual phenomena that seems to be completely contrary to natural law. However, nothing can defy the absolute laws that God created, but many of these laws are simply not known nor understood by millions of people.

The percentages of people who can manipulate these laws is very few. As said before, many beings of a negative nature do live in Earth, and there are some of these who have the power to do unusual things.

Many times strange phenomena have been noted to take place, such as objects moving freely in the air; articles appearing and disappearing; solid objects passing through walls, door, etc.

The number of unusual happenings are numberless. Many of these happenings are due to the mischievous minds of negative beings, who merely change the molecular polarity of the structure of an object and cause it to pass through the air as though defying gravity. Truly such an object is moving freely through space, but only due to the natural law of gravity.

     If an object such as a glass contains the positive polarity of mass, then the earth below it is of a negative polarity. Merely by changing the positive polarity of the glass to a negative polarity it will cause the glass to push away from the earth which is also of a negative polarity.

The law of a magnet can be applied to this simple demonstration, for “Like polarities repel, and unlike polarities attract.” Two negative polarities will push away from each other, whereas two polarities of different natures will cling to each other. Thus, gravity, or more simply said, polarity controls such unusual demonstrations. It does, however, take a very great Will Power to command such objects to move. Nothing can be done outside of natural law.

Misapplied power and nonsense must still obey the laws of God, for nothing can be outside of His Laws. An important thing, however, is that not all unusual happenings are the result of negative beings, but much of it is unknowingly set into motion by the minds of Earth people, who happen to set into motion the law of polarity and gravity.

     I would like at this time to dispense with the subject of negative things, and like to direct your thoughts to something of a more affirmative nature. I would like to give you a little of the prophecy for Earth that the Brothers gave us. However, at no time do the Space People or Betty and I want you to think that these prophecies are definitely what will happen to Earth.

The Brothers told us that these things would happen only if Earth follows the path of advancement that she had been doing before the explosions of so many bombs.

These explosions could alter these conditions very much, for as the Brothers said, these explosions are altering the atmospheres and materials for Earth.

It is from man’s past actions and advancement that these prophecies are derived, and it is from this that the future is formed. Thus prophecy can change and 10 years from now these same prophecies could be wrong,

But only if Earth’s people continue with the A and H bomb explosions and if a series of serious battles and conflicts result upon Earth.

     As for the prophecies themselves, the Space People tell us that Earth will have an axis change, and that this will cause America to become warmer and certain parts of Europe to become colder. This axis change should come about slowly and be a gradual thing, and will be if nature is left alone; however, there are certain people who wish to bring about this change too quickly.

As for the manner of clothes people will be wearing upon Earth in the future we will see that the men will wear clothes that have a tighter fit, whereas the women will wear looser and longer dresses. The homes will change with the circular home being preferred. There will be a screened dome top to the homes, which will open to let in the air. Lighting will be from the walls and a circular rim around the ceiling.

This lighting will be automatic and adjust itself to the proper brightness. All power for the kitchen, laundry, heating and lighting will be provided by small individual units in each home that is inexpensive to operate.

The countryside will be beautiful, for all wires, telephone poles and power stations will disappear, along with the billboards and other unsightly scenes.

     The entire mind of man will enlarge in spiritual growth, for unmoral books, shows and entertainments will be revised to teach Truth. Television will be the greatest channel for Truth to reach the minds of the people.

As the mind of man changes to higher thoughts, so, too, will much of the material requirements change. And it will come to pass when the dietary habits of man will also change. No longer will slaughter houses be seen, for the eating of meat will diminish. It will not entirely disappear, but the vast slaughter of animals will cease.

Earth will cease to have epidemics of disease, and therefore newer systems of laboratories will appear. Illness itself will be an individual thing, and will be corrected, quickly and safely in the laboratories. What more can we ask for, for doesn’t this sound like Earth could be a beautiful place?

There is more–much more–but time does not permit me to enlarge on all the prophecies for Earth. Among the many things to happen,

Earth will also have space flight, and will enjoy the companionship of the Space People. When Earth has risen to this height of advancement space flight will become a common thing, and Earth’s people will then perhaps go out and serve other less fortunate planets, just as the Space People are serving Earth now.

     There are only a few more things I would like to mention and they are concerning a question which has been asked of us. A few months ago Betty and I announced that we were publicly withdrawing from actively speaking. But since that time an erroneous idea has sprung up that perhaps we had been shut-up by the Three Men in Black.


We would like to clarify this, for we have not been visited by anyone who threatened us, and we were temporarily withdrawing from the saucer field for personal reasons.

These reasons were due to certain changes we were going to make, and one was due to the fact that I was going to leave for France. However, different plans have been formed and I am not going to leave for France; therefore, we will be available at times for lectures and speeches.

George Floyd, Corona Virus, And A Less Than Worthless POTUS

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Look At The Mess We Find Ourselves In.

The illegal looting and arson`s really take away from the huge effort  our loyal protesters have worked so hard to install.

I really believe this is the right time for change, Mostly because everything is changing all around us anyway.

Just look around Our public is safe distancing ,Wearing Masks, And avoiding the public or at least the smart ones are. Not counting the protesters that is, And many of them are wearing masks too.

People of Color are fed up with gross inequality that has lived in our society for close to 400 years.

It has been a country based on Hate and inequality aimed at people of color for all that time. And with some devastating results that life controlled by Fear,Death,Poverty and Prison carries with it. And with the leadership or lack of forced down our throats  by the Crazy Mind of Donald J. Trump, and the way he ordered physical force by using many different law enforcement agencies, along with prison guards, A.T.F.  The Secret Service, D.C. Police, F.B.I. Border Guards and Custom Agents, And The National Guard They even had a Air National Guard helicopter hovering above the protesters heads causing much Panic from the spinning rotors. Tear Gas was used, Flash Bang Grenades , Rubber Bullets, And more Tear Gas.

All this so he could clear out a pathway of Legal Peaceful Protesters who were peacefully gathering between the White House and a church across from the White house, Where Trump did nothing more than stand in front of the church holding a bible high in the air for photos. What a fake, He makes me sick. Then he returned to the White House and ordered the lights turned off, And he went and hid in the basements secret reinforced bunker Poor Donny was scared. You could not make this shit up. And it could be funny if it was. Meanwhile Corona Virus deaths reached over 100,200 Just in the U.S. that is Part of our situation

Today June 4, 2020

Then Trumps Private Justice Department none other than Bill Barr himself, Comes out with a huge most disturbing lie about this whole set of actions,In which the video above quickly debunks,And shows what a fool Bill Barr thinks we the people are. This is like I said comical if it were not. These people play us like fools on a daily basis. Any one who does not see this clearly is not looking.

War On Drugs Must End

Police56 about us page

We must stop this insane war on drugs that has ruined Americans lives for generations now. And from property seizures to prisons for hire, Has turned into a very ugly cash cow That not one of us Americans can be proud of. But it does effect all of us in one way or another. Watch this video and many more by this channel then do some good hard thinking about The War On Drugs and just how it effects you.

Trump Motivate`s Good People


Trump Motivates Good People, That is good people do things that are right, It is in a good persons makeup to do good things. Also to react to things that are not so good. And Trumps actions motivate both reactions,

When good people see and witness the less than good things happening they naturally respond to these bad things,

And people are starting to react. For example many did not notice lately that Paul Manafort Trumps convicted campaign manager who got busted defrauding the U.S. Government out of millions in tax fraud plus Bank Fraud and Tampering with witnesses in his own trial.

He agreed to testify against some bad players in the trump campaign who were dirty dealing with Russia to help get Trump elected. When he agreed to testify some of his prison time was removed, Then turned out the testimony he agreed to give was not truthful. And did not lead to any more prosecutions ,

And Manafort ended up with what would amount to a life sentence for a man his age. Enter Bill Barr Trumps  private justice department the same Bill Barr who shortened the sentence of Roger Stone another Trump Croony who was also convicted of lying to investigators in the Trump Russia Investigation. And yes the same Bill Barr who lied to congress about the content of the Mueller Report and got away with it.

These two longtime Trumpers Are having their sentence greatly reduced because they would not cooperate with investigators in the Russia, Trump conspiracy .bill barr

And now as promised by Trump , They are all but free men now. Both out of Prison. Now the exact same thing is going on in the Micheal Flynn case who pleaded guilty to twice lying to investigators in the Trump Russia Conspiracy. And got fired by Trump for lying to the Vice Pres Pense. about his crimes.  Bill Barr has now dropped charges on a criminal who has plead guilty.mike flynn

This Angers good people. And there are many many more situations like this Trump is pulling off and getting away with. Its so obvious and discouraging for good people to watch. Most of us have no power to change this and it is painful.

I do not know if we have any good people with authority in our government to be able to stop this. It is very troubling.

And with the level of criminal behavior and that goes on in our government i doubt a election will even do any good. You know they will pull out all stops to keep Trump in office.

Lets face it Trump is alot more worse than we thought, Just look at his handling of this Corona 19 virus, It is said Trumps lack of positive actions needed to fight a big epidemic like we are facing is responsible for at least  half of our death toll.

And he has now basically thrown in the towel and has given up, Focusing only on re-election and leaving the safety of our nation up to the Governors of our country which is surely better than what he will not do.

And by doing this he has motivated the good people we have as governors. If we relied on Trump we would  all be dead soon.

And now he can blame the Governors for his total failure to do the right things.

While Americans Die

9=11 the truth

While Americans Die


As I Write this post over 75,000  Americans have died and experts say will soon be 3000 deaths every 24 hours.

Whats our Plan ?

Do we even have a plan ?  I Want to know the truth now dont we think the  POTUS  Has lied  enough about 75,000 enough.

A Short time ago he was bragging on T.V.  that he had the only deciding last word on this handling of our country`s sad situation.

Presidents have full authority over everything, and only he could fix it . And within  Hours he came back with the new reality that  he was now passing this full authority off to the  Gov. of each state.

And they can figure out what to do. ,And now he must concentrate on re-opening and re-election .First of all he never had any authority for anything just another bragging while lying event.

And now he desperately wants to blame all his early very serious blunders, on our nations Mayors,  I see it like a movie on the wall ,this is what he will do He knows he caused a lot of lives to be lost with his rampant denials for so long in stead of jumping on the flames he ran.

Just like he always has. And here we are folks, another one of Trumps Screw ups but this time people are dying  its not Loosing more of daddy Freds  cash.

This is serious and everything he falsely says about this pandemic makes it much worse, And this rush to get reopened might be a huge mistake and this virus could take off like a wildfire in the wind.

But then how would we know no body is tested ,

Trump is on a anti testing mission. He thinks the higher numbers found by testing  will hurt him politically  and his poll numbers. Lives come at least second.

“He says just reopen some will have to die,”

We have got to open . Even when many of the states and counties that are eager to open by listening to Trump, Are still on the rise in case numbers and deaths. Not sure that a good move, At least offer some testing for employees ,So they don`t infect the areas population.

In my  Commoner but honest opinion Trump is very Dangerous,I have always said this but never was it this bad, People are dropping one by one and I do not think Trump has a clue what to do to save us,

They cannot even keep the virus out of the White House for shits sake! Two workers in the west wing just tested positive for covid 19.

I Would never wish harm on anyone but maybe the virus in the white house has possibilities ? Maybe they will start wearing masks.

Its too bad that no hero in scrubs will come along and save us. Trump would just get jealous and block his work Like he is to Foucci testifying before congress about the horrible crises we are in.

Instead this week Trump is comparing himself to Reagan  last week it was Lincoln, Why ? The way his mind works is amazing.

He absolutely has no shame,sympathy for the sick and dead .Any body who votes to re-elect this messed up man is themselves in a bad way. I mean how could anybody think about  giving this cancer another term and I will truly know its over in this country if this happens .

After all they just cut loose two of Trumps criminal buddies lately Roger Stone and now Micheal Flynn . Should have guessed that with A G  Bill Barr on duty, What a sellout i have never seen more lack of morals and backstabbing the American People,

This whole three years have been filled with lies and crime, and cheating at every angle its almost unreal. And what about his ass lickers especially the Senate ones. When will they become sick enough of this ? I guess when they do not get re elected ..

I do want to state something you know Trump fired the Post Master General,  and just by chance with the Corona Virus is causing self distancing and will probably cause massive mail in voting this falls presidential election.

Now with one of Trumps Cronies conveniently inserted as Post Master General  who has control of our mail. What do we think of this?   You Decide I already know,

Gotta ……  Go

UpDate  :  Its now September 2021 and we did get Trump out of office, But keeping him out has been a challenge daily. Most of the G.O.P. Senate is still kissing his ass. And trying at every turn to find a way to cancel Joe Bidens  Presidential position. We have to keep a constant eye open watching these fools.

You Cannot Buy A Test for Corona Virus.

You Cannot Buy A Test for Corona Virus.


From what I hear if you think you might be sick with the corona virus, Good luck getting a test. A Friend of mine thought she was sick with maybe the virus, She went to local emergency room they told her to go home and basically hide in her closet, And they will call her when there is a spare test kit for her to come back in.

This is unreal ,POTUS has for weeks now said

on live T.V.    ” If anybody needs or wants a test they can get one”. And for at least 3 weeks he has constantly repeated this statement.  Well I sure do not know how we can beat this thing if we cannot even test for the virus.

We are in so much shit And with POTUS in charge things can only get much worse.  As of Today April 3 rd 2020 the u.s. cases are at 239,279  and total deaths in the U.S. is 5443 and climbing by the hour.



Social distancing working in Italy but epidemic could be ...

TOXICITY The Most Toxic Ghana Africa


Toxicity The Most Toxic Place In Africa

This Place in Ghana, Africa is not only the most toxic place in Africa But possibly in the world ,

These people have little or no chance to live any type of normal life in the area of health concerns.

Check out this video it makes you wonder why they do it ? But I guess desperation drives them.


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