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Newly Discovered TOXIC Food Ingredients

 Newly Discovered TOXIC Food Ingredients You Must AVOID to Fight Cancer, STOP Heart Disease & Burn Off More Stubborn Fat

GroceryCart2Written By: Anthony Alayon
C.F.T., C.S.N., & Best Selling Author

Did you know that DANGEROUS ingredients can be found in a majority of the food items you purchase from a grocery store or any of your favorite restaurants? These ingredients can be harmful and even LIFE THREATENING.

FACT: A recent study conducted by the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association states that OVER 80% of packaged foods eaten in the U.S. every day are contaminated with at LEAST ONE TOXIC ingredient. These ingredients are responsible for putting your health at risk.

Did you know that as your weight increases, so does the risk of getting cancer?

FACT: The American Cancer Society discloses that excess body weight contributes to as many as 1 out of 5 of all cancer related deaths.  Not only that, but 1 out of 3 deaths are also linked to poor nutrition and physical inactivity. Don’t you – as a consumer – want to know exactly what you are putting into your body?

FACT: Food labels are NOT required to fully disclose the amounts of certain ingredients contained within foods you consume.

I am here to open your eyes and help you learn the Truth About Food Ingredients!

But first, let me introduce myself… My name is Anthony Alayon and all my colleagues call me the “Toxic Ingredient Food Decoder”. I know it may sound a bit like a tongue twister, but with over 14 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, I have spent THOUSANDS of hours relentlessly researching food ingredients and the effects they have on our bodies.

Fortunately, while being surrounded by top health experts, I was able to compile the BEST strategies on how to FIGHT aging to live a long and healthy life. During my research, I discovered literally over 101 ingredients have a negative effect on our bodies… but I also uncovered which ingredients have positive health benefits as well.

And today, I’m here to “spill the beans” and tell you the REAL truth.  You see, there are 3 HIGHLY-TOXIC ingredients you are consuming every day that can cause cancer, while increasing your risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, brain tumors, Epilepsy, and Depression… just to name a few.  By simply REMOVING these toxic food ingredients you can instantly increase your cognitive function, normalize your blood pressure, and decrease your chances of acquiring LIFE THREATENING diseases.

Brace Yourself: What I am about to share with you goes AGAINST what all the popular nutritionists, diet experts, and doctors will tell you to do. So, be prepared. I’m not here to use scare tactics.

I wrote this article for ONE reason, and one reason only: To tell you the REAL truth about the “healthy foods” you spend your hard earned money on.

These 3 Diet Mistakes Below Reveal The “Hidden” TOXIC Food Ingredients You Must Avoid The Next Time You Shop…

And In LESS THAN ONE DAY From Now Your Body Will Begin To “Burn Off” MORE Stomach Fat and ELIMINATE Your Risk Of Deadly Diseases

Simply follow the 3 steps mentioned below and you will finally discover the major barriers that are holding you back from living the healthy and vibrant lifestyle you deserve. I assure you these 3 steps are “little known” and fly “under the radar” as the Giant Food Companies want to keep this information from you so you keep buying their products. You’ll want to pay close attention…




STOP Eating These 6 “Specific” Cancer Causing Foods


Society has conditioned us to think that by eating fruits and vegetables, we will have more energy and be healthier. This could NOT be any further from the TRUTH. Just take a look at the world we all live in today.

According to a study conducted by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s accounts for over 1.3 million deaths in the United States alone.

This is the fattest and sickest we have ever been in the history of the world.

orapThe REAL problem lies in the fact that most of the foods we eat today have been Genetically Modified. A better definition of a G.M.O. food is “A food in which the gene from one species has been forced into the DNA of another species and the process itself creates all sorts of unpredicted side effects.”

What this means in plain English is that the fruits and vegetables are taken out of their natural state, which is NOT what Mother Nature intended for us to do.  The big food corporations created this process in order to produce mass quantities so that we buy more from them.

Negative Side Effects of Eating GMO’s You’ll Probably Eat Today

There have been attempts by scientists worldwide WARNING about the negative side effects G.M.O. foods cause such as cancer, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, joint pain, newborn diseases and nutritional problems, they were IGNORED.

When lab rats were given G.M.O. foods for long periods of time, some of the DANGEROUS and HARMFUL side effects included infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system. Other side effects include food allergy symptoms, increased toxicity, negative reproductive effects, negative effects to digestive systems, unknown genetic effects on humans and EVEN DEATH (rats and mice).

Here are some common foods that you are probably eating that have been Genetically Modified:


There are over 39 other common foods you eat every day just like this found on the very next page.

And you’ll NEVER believe this one:

Food companies do NOT even have to put a label on foods containing these DANGEROUS G.M.O.’s.

They do this because the companies NEED you to spend more and more money on their foods so they can stay in business. These big food companies could care less about you OR your family’s health because they only have ONE goal: Make MORE money. 

By producing G.M.O.’s they are able to produce MASS QUANTITIES of unhealthy foods and lightening speed to meet the demand of the uneducated consumer.

But there is a SUPER simple way to avoid all of the harmful effects of eating G.M.O. foods on the very next page.


NEVER Consume The ONE “Hidden” Food Ingredient That Instantly Skyrockets Your Blood Pressure

cokeDrinking your favorite soft drink or health beverage may taste great and make you feel energetic, but in reality, it may VERY well be the REASON you are at risk of a heart attack. Unfortunately, when a food label claims that it is “sugar free,” it does not mean you are out of the woods. There is still something in the food or beverage making it taste like there is sugar in it and the #1 CULPRIT for that is NEOTAME.

Neotame is a fake sugar substitute that was created years ago (back when they thought tobacco was good for you). This was done without testing the long term side effects it would have on our health. After decades of research, here is what we have found about this HARMFUL and NASTY ingredient.

According to the FDA’s website, nearly 100 adverse side effects come from consuming Artificial Ingredients (like NEOTAME), which including the following:

Graphic 1

This is just 12 of the nasty side effects caused by consuming artificial food ingredients.

And these “hidden” killers can be found in foods you and your family are probably consuming every week: Juices & Vegetable Drinks, Chewing Gum, Diet Soda, Ketchup, Non Fat Yogurt, Sugar Free Desserts, Low Fat Milk, Condiments, Sweetened Ice Tea, plus over 100 other foods you’re probably eating every single day.

AVOID Drinking Fluoridated Tap Water (It’s Harming Your Brain & Your Body)

If the first 2 ingredients to avoid were not enough, this next one is going to be EYE OPENING.

Around 60% of the U.S. population has access to fluoride in its public water system. You may think that drinking water is good for you but NOT when it comes from your tap & it contains fluoride. Let me explain…

Fluoride from your tap water and faucets has been PROVEN to cause the following adverse side effects:

Graphic 3_r1

Researchers from both Harvard University’s School of Public Health and China Medical University in Shenyang, in a joint meta-analysis of 27 studies, found there were “strong indications” that fluoride exposure, particularly among developing children, is highly problematic for proper cognitive development and brain formation.

It also alters your thyroid which means you will not be able to burn fat as efficiently as you need to. Not only that, but it’s known to be a neurtoxin, which INCREASES the risk of cancer. This is especially true for your children as they are still developing their brains, bodies, and endocrine systems. You can go ahead and try to find a bottled water company you trust, but plastics can be just as problematic as fluoride. OR you can find a permanent solution to this problem in just a few short minutes on the next page.


“Find Out Why You May NOT Qualify To Use These Secrets That Fight Cancer and DEADLY Diseases…

On the next page, I am about to reveal the “101 Toxic Food Ingredients They NEVER Told You About” system and some easy food substitutions you can start making today to AVOID these ingredients and nasty side effects.

But I do have to warn you. If you are heavily influenced by TV commercials and don’t care about what you’re putting in your body, then this ingredient reference guide is NOT for you.

It’s taken me nearly 14 years of research to compile this solution. I had to consult with some of the world’s TOP nutritionists, doctors, and scientists to uncover these Silent Killers… and today I will be sharing the truth about the toxic “hidden” ingredients found in your food on the next page.

This new information can NOT be found anywhere else and it can be implemented RIGHT NOW. So the next time you go grocery shopping you can easily “eliminate” these TOXIC ingredients that are making us all sicker and destroying our health. And the BEST part??? You can still continue to eat the same delicious foods and NOT have to follow some unrealistic or bland diet.

In fact, someone very close to me – my mother – had an episode that shook me to my core and thrust me into the research field about all of the hidden and deadly toxic ingredients in our foods.  Here’s the story of how my mother almost “lost her life” because of something that the doctors themselves could NOT explain until now…

It All Started On A Hot Summer Day
In Sunny Tampa, Florida

The rain was beating against the window and the lightning was striking. The sky was filled with clouds as they usually are during this time of year. Then we got the phone call…emergencyIt was my mother Debra stating that one of her co-workers was driving her to the hospital because her chest pains were unbearable. My father Manuel immediately called me and told me the terrifying news. I was lost for words.  I didn’t know what to think.

Was she having a heart attack?

Was this going to be the last time I see my mother?

Will I at least get to speak to her one last time? All of these thoughts were racing through my head as I drove to the hospital.

After running several tests on her, the doctor’s concluded there was no severe damage but they also could not explain what caused these pains. Boy was I thankful and happy to hear those words. But then I started to think to myself… What actually caused these pains? My mother does not have a ton of stress in her life.

No more than the average person her age. A week later, I thought things would go back to normal, but boy was I wrong! She ended up having to go BACK to the hospital a 2nd time in less than a month. The doctors gave us the run around and could not explain it.

Being the “health nut” that I am, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I began asking my mother questions such as what her diet looks like.  She told me she was following one of those popular diets advertised in magazines and commercials. I won’t mention the company’s name for several reasons but I can tell you my mother lost over 25 pounds on this diet.

However, if she was losing weight, wouldn’t it make sense that she would be healthy and filled with energy? I later discovered she was eating a lot of microwavable dinners. I decided to put my thinking cap on and examine this and here’s what I came up with.


You see, I already knew what kinds of proteins, carbs and fats were needed in order to lose weight and be healthy.

However, what was fishy was all of the other ingredients that they never mention to you. Heck, I could barely pronounce them, as the words were so large and confusing. After a weeks’ worth of research, it finally hit me like a ton of bricks. It was staring at me the whole time!

I realized all the “so-called” health foods, and the very ingredients that were helping her lose weight, were also making her terribly SICK…

The same ingredients in all of these boxed-up, food diets were harming my mother and DAMAGING her health. Even though she was losing weight, her body was not able to handle all of these TOXIC ingredients.

I realized there was a whole underground system of shady food business practices that they never tell us about.

These giant corporations know that if this LEAKS to the public, their profits and stock prices would drop faster than rain drops from the sky on a stormy day!

This of course set me on a collision course with the truth.  The truth about what’s really in the foods that we eat. Even in the most “popular health” foods on the market.

There Are Hundreds, Even Thousands of Toxic Ingredients That Food Manufactures Use And It Could Take You Months or Years to Dissect All of That Information

-Would you like to know the exact foods you must avoid to eliminate heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and arthritis?

-Do you want to know what foods you should be substituting for the toxic variations to burn 232% more fat, heal your joints, protect your heart, improve your memory and look 10 years younger?

-Wouldn’t it be cool to have a reference guide available at your finger tips anytime you saw a strange ingredient on a food label that you didn’t recognize?

-You have to admit this is something that you and your family’s health could benefit from, don’t you agree?

Well If You Answered “Yes” To Any One Of These Questions Above, Then You’ll Want To Keep Reading…

Because can you REALLY afford to get sick from not knowing the truth about these TOXIC food ingredients?

After all, the evidence proves it’s not only harming your body and putting a major strain on your health… it’s putting a dent in your wallet too!

The Only Person That Can Save Your Health is YOU And It All Starts Today

For example, did you know that the cost of healthcare is SOARING to record highs and it does not look like there is an end in sight. According to Forbes.com, the new Obama Care law that has just passed is expected to increase the annual cost per household up to $7,450/year.docpat

This is OUTRAGEOUS and the more you eat these TOXIC ingredients, the MORE you will be FORCED to visit your doctor due to the health problems you will experience.  Even worse, imagine if you are diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol?  what  then?ham_money

It is obvious that the food industry is relying on you to eat their TOXIC ingredients so they can keep you in their system of never ending payments and struggles. If you don’t believe me, then take a look at the recent passing of the Monsanto Act.

A law that essentially lets the Monsanto Company do whatever they want to the food they process with no rules, regulations, or punishment. They have complete and total control to do whatever they want, especially when it comes to genetically engineering most crops, seeds, and plants and the U.S. government allowed this happen. 

Stop being fooled by these giant food companies and NEVER waste another penny on these harmful foods that are destroying your health. Instead, use a PROVEN System that can eliminate all of these health side effects once and for all.

Here’s A Little More of Who I Am and Why You Should Listen to Me…

anthonyI’m Anthony Alayon.  I’m a best-selling fitness author, certified fitness trainer and sports nutritionist.  I’ve also written for some of the top publications in the world like Natural Muscle Magazine, Bliss Magazine, About.com (A New York Times Company) and dozens of other authority web sites.

I thought I had health and fitness all figured out until I discovered how toxic these ingredients were.  I would go to the grocery store, bring my phone with me and type in the ingredient I could barely pronounce to stay healthy.  I ended up spending 2-3 hours doing this and thought there has to be a better way.  I would literally have to read and do research when all I was trying to do was buy some groceries.

I was telling my clients about the harmful ingredients and now they were all doing the same thing at the grocery store.  It became such a big hassle.  I couldn’t keep doing it with my busy schedule.

Even when I went to the best places like Whole Foods, I thought it would get easier, but these foods were chock full of toxins as well.

I knew there had to be a better way.  There must be an app or something to make this easier.  I searched high and low but one didn’t exist.  So I knew I would need this for the rest of my life.

So I went out and hired a bunch of guys that were smarter than me at software and development.  I spent $1,000’s and 100’s of hours to build a database to have healthier food alternatives to replace these harmful ingredients.

Initially I built this for myself and a select few private clients.  My clients raved about how easy it is to use.  Now for the first time ever I am going to release this out to the general public.

Introducing The World’s First & Only Toxic Food Label Decoder That Uncovers Dangerous Ingredients in Your Favorite Health Foods in Just 10 Seconds or Less

The Truth About Food Ingredients 1 click Toxifact Tool is a powerful piece of software that is designed to be used on any phone or device small enough that it can be taken with you to the grocery store.

Plug any food ingredient into the powerful software, and it’ll tell you if that food item contains any hidden, toxic ingredients that you must avoid.  It is that simple.

It’ll be like having your own personal expert dietitian with you every time you step into the grocery store. A $97 value on it’s own, but you won’t be paying that.

Here’s an Example of How Easy and Simple It Is to Use This Software…

Step #1: Search for Food Ingredient

Step 1 - Search For Ingredient Final

Step #2: Click The Orange
Search Ingredients Button

Step 2 - Click The Orange Button Final

Step #3: Check Toximeter to See If
Ingredient is Good or Bad

Step 3 - Look at Toximeter Final

As You Can See The World’s First and ONLY Food Label Decoder Can Instantly Uncover Practically Any “Hidden” Ingredient in Your Food and Replace it With a Healthier Alternative in 10 Seconds So You CAN…


  • Burn Off Up to 232% More Stubborn Belly Fat in HALF The Time.
  • Activate ALL of Your Body’s Fat Burning Hormones
  • Cleanse Your Body From Dangerous Toxins FOREVER…
  • Protect Your Heart and Normalize Your Blood Pressure
  • Improve Your Memory and Defeat Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Supercharge Your Energy Levels to Feel Like Your 20 Again
  • Heal Your Body from Aches and Pains o That You Can Move Freely Again
  • Fight Diabetes and High Blood Sugar
  • Plus, TONS of Other Health Benefits…

That’s How Powerful And Simple This
“10 Second Solution” Is Especially Since I’ve Done All The Work For You Below…

This simple solution is laid out for you in a step-by-step blueprint.  All of the guess work is taken out for you. For the first time in history, you will know exactly, what is causing your health and body to suffer and what you can do to FIX it today.

It Doesn’t Stop There…

The ToxiFact Tool also comes with some amazing bonus reading material that dives deep in the “Dark Side Of Nutrition” labels and tells you exactly which of your favorite foods, even “health” foods contain some of the worlds worst toxic chemicals.

The same chemicals and ingredients approved by the FDA, but can still cause a host of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, plus many more.  So here’s the bonus material below.

Here’s The ENTIRE Truth About Food Ingredients Bonus Package Laid Out For You Step by Step: 

Bonus #1: Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

Helps to Fight Diabetes and Fix Your Blood Sugar


Let’s face it…we all have a sweet tooth and want to enjoy a nice dessert at times. And you may be thinking that a “ZERO” sugar dessert label is healthy for you when this could not be any further from the truth.

Inside of this manual, you will discover the “evil” foods you eat that contain artificial sweeteners and how they are RUINING your health. I will also disclose the solution to how you can eat your desserts without the CRAZY health side effects using natural alternatives.

Bonus #2: Truth About Artificial Flavors & Coloring

Helps to Normalize Your Blood Pressure, Heal Your Joints, Fight Cancer and Cleanses Your Body From Harmful Toxins

truthabout_artificialHave you ever wondered what makes the food you eat so colorful and tasty? Well chances are these foods contain “hidden” ingredients lurking in them, causing damage to your body’s vital organs. Even worse, some of these flavorings and colors are ILLEGAL in some countries due to the health risks.

Inside this reference guide, you will learn which foods are harmful for your health and some natural alternatives that can prevent these unwanted problems from occurring.

Bonus #3: Truth About Food Additives

Helps to Protect Your Heart, Supercharge Your Energy Levels, and Fight Cancer


Have you ever looked at the back of a nutrition label where it says “Other Ingredients”? Well, chances are a majority of these are harmful for your body UNLESS you get the facts about what they do.

Inside this reference guide, you will discover the truth about certain food additives that are being placed in the foods you eat every day.  You will know which one is deteriorating your health and which one is helping to boost your health and vitality.

Bonus #4: Truth About Preservatives and Oils

Helps You Burn Up to 232% MORE Stubborn Fat, Cleanse Your Body From Toxins and Fixes Your Digestion

truth_preservativesFood preservatives are arguably the #1 villain that is deteriorating your health today. You see, in order to increase the shelf life of a food item, preservatives are added to extend the expiration date.

However, these ingredients are harmful and many of them damage our health, and increase the likelihood of disease. Inside this reference manual, you will see who the villains are and healthy alternatives to continuing to eat the foods you love without the side effects.

Bonus #5: Truth About Deceptive Food Labels

Allows You to Know Which Foods KILL Stomach Fat,
Aids in Digestion and Makes You Look
and Feel 10 Years Younger

3 anJust because a food label says “Organic”, “Healthy”, “All-Natural”, “Low Calorie”, Zero Grams of Sugar”, does NOT mean it is healthy. That is correct! Even the foods that say “Organic”, does not mean it is 100% organic.

There are still some ingredients NOT required to be labeled which is why it is so tricky to eat healthy.

However, all of this trickery ends with this manual as I debunk all of the myths surrounding food labels and give you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth regarding the “shady” food labels that the giant corporations don’t tell you about.

Bonus #6: Truth About Water

Helps to Improve Your Memory
and Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

truth_waterDrinking clean water is vital for our health as we would not survive without it. Over 70% of our bodies consist of water. However, a MAJORITY of the fountain water, and even bottled water, contains a TOXIC ingredient that they didn’t bother telling you about.

This is scary given the amounts we drink throughout the year. Inside the manual, you will see the type of water to AVOID and how you to ensure you are not drinking the “dangerous” ingredients lurking in the water system.

Bonus #7: FREE LIFETIME Updates

So Now All You Have To Do Is Go Here and Find out More

The Mueller Report

Site Contents

You Know not sure about anyone else But I am just not really satisfied with what we were allowed to get out of the Mueller Report. Seems like we had this huge build up then we had kinda a flat tire.  And just like everything else seems like the next big screw up of Trumps took the place of The Mueller Report, And just how they had hoped we kinda forgot about it.

Well only some of us did, I for one am a believer that there was enough info of dirty deeds in the Mueller Report to give a normal criminal president who obstructs justice daily, Enough  rope to hang from. And I know many agree, So I tried to list the Mueller report on this site for download , But had alot of trouble with the server because the file was so large. And I do not think many people got a chance to grab a copy, So I have decided to post the Mueller Report

So im sure there are folks out there that would like to know just what the report said about the trump campaigns effort to help Russia or at least work with them closely to gain a edge over the Clinton campaign. Plus other mis deeds the trumps were up to back then. It is pretty interesting , Ill just post a few pages on a semi regular basis so everybody can keep up no problem, Probably get killed for doing this  but oh well. There will be a regular link on the home page saying The Mueller report. This report has not been edited or changed spell checked or any other alterations by us it just the way we got it.  hope you get a chance to learn and enjoy it. thanksspecial council mueller

Corona Virus Update

With Over 14,000 cases and growing in the U.S. Things are getting worse daily with some states ordering shelter in place,

This means basically do not go out of your home. The states that have placed this shelter in place order have some of the highest numbers in the country.

Testing is still far far behind demand. And the country as a whole has a huge shortage of emergency supplies like masks, gowns, even thermometers , And if you need to be tested in most states and cities good luck, Trump has made it clear he does not like too many tests because it brings up the positive numbers. Washington state,And New York seem to be the hardest hit states.carona virus jpeg

Fact Checking Mr Trump Again

Its Time for Some Fact Checking On Mr. Trump

It Appears he is getting carried away again.

Once again Our shameful President is getting carried away with his lying,

While trying to deflect any blame about the lack of readiness to battle the Corona Virus

Mr. Trump got into another liar binge ,From blaming the whole Virus Outbreak on Obama, To blaming Democrats for the whole outbreak.

Go check this out for your self this is embarrassing to say the least, Now to be totally honest and fair, We also are fact checking the Democrats and some other elected officials so as to put the pressure on all of them. Here is how they did.

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump made a rapid-fire series of false claims at a televised town hall event hosted by Fox News on Thursday in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Lets face it this guy is a huge liar, But peoples lives are in danger now this is not funny. But as we know Trump does not care.

                                                                                                                             Go Here To Read It All

Here We Go Again Bill Barr

Well once again Bill Barr is making Policy, What did we Expect ? Trumps personal Dept. Of Justice is stepping in the middle of all Americans faces. Now he is reducing sentences for Trump Cronies this time  Its Roger Stone. Another trumpster who found themselves in prison Barr Has Stepped in and greatly reduced his prison term. Saying he is too old to spend that much time in jail.

 Oh Really ? Republican Senators we owe this all to you. We have lost our great country lock, stock and barrel. The rules are only for who ever Trump decides he wants them for.

In another story Dept of Justice has decided to take orders from Rudy Guilanni and open a investigation into Joe Biden And his son Hunter as to their involvement in Hunters Affairs while working in Ukraine, Exactly the same thing Trump got impeached for last month. Is going to happen anyway right here in our country. So Once again Trump gets to dig dirt on his political Opponents any way. And Just to help his reelection . WTF Is going on ? I Never knew Rudy had any job in our Government.


to be continued 2/12/20

No Fair Trial

No Fair Trial

I cannot believe he is going to get away with this too.  I`m so disgusted

I Cannot even look at my normal news spots ,,  Afraid Of What I might read. Could someone please explain to me what`s up with our Senators ? W,T,F, Is happening to our country, It seems all the republican senate just want to let Trump break the laws at will. I never thought we would see times like these ,

Its a horrible nite mare….  I can hardly even write about it , It is so unbelievable the way the senate is ready to vote to not allow any witness testimony tomorrow as they get ready to wrap up their defense  of  POTUS .

This means With no witness no fair trial, Go figure Trump is involved remember. Im ready to wonder how long until Russian Soldiers are patrolling our streets. This is not right and I truly do not see a good out come in sight.We will have to ride it out till 2020 but you know the election will be rigged , Just look at whats going on now.  Dont want to sound so bleak and down  but this is what we have right now. Its not looking Good. What the hell do you do when the bad guys win ?

The Steele Dossier

The Steele Dossier Remember  this ? This being The Steele Dossier is a report in which the text outlines  some lets say private dealings between Donald J. Trump and the country of Russia.

Remember the sayings Trump kept using “I GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA “?. Or  “I Got No Business In Russia “?.  Well guess what ? Just more Trump Lies …

As it turns out Trump has Plenty  going on in Russia.Too much to list here but im going to give you a link to the whole dossier.

here is just a small taste Speaking to a trusted compatriot in June 2016 source A and B, a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure and a former top level Russian intlligence officer still active inside the Kremlin respectively,

the Russian authorities had been cultivating and supporting US Republican presidential candidate, Donald TRUMP for at least 5 years.

Source B asserted that the TRUMP operation was both supported and directed by Russian President Vladimir PUTIN.

 So you can all read it yourself,

That’s the best way to form your own opinion.

Just  Go Here And Read It In Its full Glory

Want To Go Live On Mars ?

If its Mars your seeking to move to. Them you need to talk to Elon Musk he is taking reservations now for the first Commuter ship to the red planet,

You can go one way or even just visit Mars for 2 years and catch a return flight that are supposed to be happening every 24 to 26 months apart,

I Do have to admit it sounds very interesting, Check out this video and let Elon Explain the details.

Iran Pays As American Wheels Fall Off

Site Contents

trump liar in chief

Not that Iranian officer Qassem Soleimani , Was A Great guy, Not many of us in this country will openly morn his death.

What I’m wondering  about is The True Real  Reasons. There are so many angles to this mess.

Maybe we really need to Exam First is the  imminence of this act,

Like it was suppose to happen sooner than later. Don’t we know by now about this Orange Lying Baboon.

The highest chance possible of a embassy being destroyed namely Baghdad, Was the given reason.

Then The Subject Went to 4 Embassy`s All in the one Afternoon. This Lying Piece of puke, We got to get him gone

He `s going to get us in deep shit quick. Why wont they physically remove him Before  he really Fucks Something up.

YOU All know what im talking about,the old wag the dog, syndrome .here we are again .you know this was all under control before trump who had made the hateful decision, that if it came by way of Obama it had to go but it was working Iran was in compliance. But  for what ever

Reason  About surely because Obama put it into place Trump had to get rid of it.

This is one sick puppy this guy we call our President. Have you ever noticed whenever he call names to his so called enemies these names are describing himself.

Lets face it folks we are in big trouble, So much so People are extremely worried about the future of our country at this point.

I just  wish i had the power to do something, But single handedly we are powerless.

Donald J Trump Please leave our country alone if you care so deeply about our country resign now. Dont spoil everything we have left just like you have done to everything else you have tried to manage.

Its our elected officials who should be charged with saving this country at this point i have very little hope in this.

At first I hoped the mueller report was going to be enough to cause his exit. There are plenty of crimes out lined in this report to send any normal citizen packing.

But for some reason It bears no effect on Trump.


What Kind of Congress Do We Have ?


Site Contents

What Kind of Congress Do We Have

What Lowlife Republican Congress did we elect?

I cannot believe how these full grown Adults can outright lie, Cover up outright lies,

Hey folks your kids are watching. How can they make such fools of themselves covering up for this man Donald J Trump.

Look you right in the eye and lie like hell for this man, Whats going to happen to our country.

Trump is obviously is not going to last for ever, How can our country pick itself up dust off and go back to normal again?

What is normal? How can we enforce anything now? These blind Foolish republicans will sit right in committee

And lie over the mic. How can we possibly recover from this unless they are all gone. The whole damm system is corrupt.Yes Trump has managed to ruin our country just like he has everything else he touches. He is not done yet.

This is far from over. Who can stop this guy ? We need a Hero Bad.

Where is our John Kennedy when we need him.I Was at first just not surprised

when Trump started acting up, Like the porn star stuff, Then comes all the Russia Stuff. And along with the Russia stuff we learn Trump is a little to cozy with Putin. Possibly even working for Russia`s best interests.

Trump is so Dirty through and through.

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12/14/2019   to be continued


12/18/19 Trumps unscrupulous behavior is ruining our countries relationships with all our allies,

Nobody trusts us any longer,  Why are our republican congress and senate so brain dead? Do they really think this is their path to re election?How foolish i know if our state officials sided with this obvious crooked mess of a President they would be eliminated.

Trump needs to be in prison not the White house his constant ass licking of Putin is enough in my opinion for the death penalty.And that is what he deserves. He is a traitor to our country.Bold words I know, but somebody needs to be honest,Trump has been involved in enough crime for many life sentences,If he were a normal citizen thats what he would get too.The list is so long,How about Michael Cohen  he did not do near what Trump has done,But where is the fixer today?I actually feel bad for Cohen he took the fall for a chicken shit looser,And got nothing but hard time,Trumps time is how it worked out for him.I don’t feel sorry for his replacement tho,

Giuliani hopefully will get what he deserves for his lies,I hope its soon , i would hate to see him die before he gets his punishment .

There are some others too that deserve to be on this list men who have caused great harm to our great country,

One such man is none other than Bill Barr he is very dangerous to our country, We have to figure out a way to get rid of Bill Barr .

And how about Lindsay Graham? He has sure been a surprise to me ,Totally had me fooled,Bet John McCain is turning in his grave watching his old bro sell out our country that he fought and got tortured fighting for our freedom against people like Trump.

Trump says “I like heros who don’t get captured and tortured”.

How would Trump know anything about being a war hero ?He was to scared to even go.

That’s it for now

AG Barr Hear We Are Again

a gag barr

Yes Yes again the A.G. Barr is writing policy again, Now he will not accept his own dept.of justice,

Inspector General report about a investigation that the F.B.I. And maybe D.O.J  cheated and broke all the rules you know the big witch Hunt

We are sure Trump ordered ,

Hell he wants Comey arrested and Jailed.Any way this has been a investigation investigating the investigators  who were investigating Him.

And  all the alphabet agency`s  (think federal crimes) that were watching and checking out Trump and Russia connection. Trumps claims that they all

Cheated and Broke all the rules investigating whether Trump  was in any way hooked at the hip and conspired with Russia to alter our election,

Or if Trump was in any way involved in other ways with Russia, And for good reason. We all know how he has cuddled up to Putin,

Its sickening  If you ask me. Any way Barr rejected the I.G. Report his own D.O.J. Inspector General.

So he is assembling his own hand picked crew deciding to reinvestigate these lifetime D.O.J. employees and lifetime F.B.I. like Comey.

The I.G. Report exonerated  All these career  patriots . its sad sad.

Bill Barr needs to be stopped Impeached Before he does more damage.

Bill Barr is doing damage for Trump being a Bully Trump punishing any one who dare investigate him.

They do not care if these people lose their pensions, All they did was their job.

They are Ruining our country. Hope we can make it thru Trump has messed this up So Bad.



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