This Lie Of Trumps Is A Real Low Blow

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This Lie Of Trumps Is A Real Low Blow

So We all know what a Pitiful Lying Scumbag Is Donald J Trump. This one is Really thoughtless and self serving ,

With out showing any concern for the real victims Of The 911 Attacks In New York City.

I  Can still see in My Minds Eye Those People Leaping to their Deaths off those Buildings.

During The Campaign of 2016 Donald Trump was in a Staged Debate I know Mark Rubio Was Standing right near Trump.Some how I have forgotten all the small details,

But this story has been verified. Some How … the topic of 911 was being debated And Trump Got Kinda Huffy Like A” New York Hoodlem” Blurted

WELL I LOST OVER 100 FRIENDS WHO DIED IN THE TOWERS. Do you think He had any Friends Who Jumped to their Deaths?


Here’s The Jab after some fact checking, We have learned this much. Donald Trump Never attended Any Funerals in the following Days, Weeks or Months,

After the Fire, Explosions  and Collapse of The World Trade Towers.  Trump Loves the lime light if he had Friends

They Would Have to be rich.Trumps not going to hang with some Nobodies.

He would Have attended a Funeral of a Rich Well Known Person who died in the Towers, They do not exist.

We Tried They all were told to stay away that day anyway , But thats Another Story…

And Let alone Try finding Over One Hundred Of Them. He is trying To Suck Up Sympathy While On Campaign

Using the dead Loved Ones of The People Who Really did Lose Some One.

And Not thinking even for a second ,Who he was using Again with lies.

It Blurted Out Of His Mouth Very Loud and Angry. As it turns out here in 2019

Trump Never Knew 100 People Who died in the Towers On 911,

If fact Trump Never Knew any body who Died on 911 Period.We fact Checked this info ,



But for some Backup Look On You Tube For Lawrence O’ Donnell He has Some Information on This Very Debate.

He Has Dogged Trump for Years.


Food Secret`s You Will Not Like

Food Secret`s You Will Not Like

This subject Will Really think about just producing your own food really hard

A Very Shocking Wake up Call for all of us.Who ever knew they put sugar in Tuna Fish? And 245 Teaspoons Of Sugar A Week ,Just sounds gross But we would not probably not even like our food without it. Then you Bring in the disease Factor it brings a whole new angle as to what it is costing our Population . In terms of our Health.




Now we saw what Human Error and  And down right misleading information can do to our food. Now how about Deadly Stupidly If thats a word Can do. Can you Believe in some countries Folks eat foods that will for sure kill them? And they do this knowingly on purpose. Why? is there not enough to eat that we must eat Poison? I don’t Get that hungry I Guess. Next time someone says “Oh John Cooks this Great Dish, He makes Puffer Fish you could die for” They are not kidding. After you watch this you will know what to serve that very special someone you invited over.

The Mueller Factor

I`ve got a name for this whole Fiasco The Mueller Factor, Because we all know there are things in that report that don’t look so good for the Prez But this Guy is Greasy as Hell, Like I Said Mr. Trump has Bullshitted His Way To The Top. Proves He is the worlds Top Bullshitter. But What About President ? I Personally do not at all like the idea of him being our president. Scares the shit out of me Why? The Guys Nuts. He is a Looney Tune.Any body who can pull off the kinds of Scams He has , Has Got to Be a bit Sick In The Head to live out the fantasy the way he has. I mean i think His Kids even believe Some of his Fake School Records.He has two sets of scenarios for every kind of deal. This is according to his ex.Fixer Micheal Cohen

Wows Of Wiki Leaks Revelations

Wows Of Wiki Leaks Revelations


We  have not mentioned Julian Assange  At All and im embarrassed to say i have not been able to follow the news much lately, Too Too much work to do . But I Know this : In some ways Assange did us some big favors, Now don’t go throwing a bunch of non patriotic Hate Towards me hear me out then hate me. Who are Assanges biggest Enemies ? U.S. Government and British Government . Why He spilled the beans on a bunch of Government Corruption ,Is what I have read I have zero proof Any of the things discussed in the different News Outlets. You know The Fake News ? But the opinion im coming to grasp are he spilled a bunch of corrupt Embarrassing Shit on both Governments. And Naturally they want to hang his Ass. And now they have Him .He will never be free again not in this body or incarnation . Enjoy the flick

The Giant Of Kandahar

The Giant Of Kandahar


This is a really weird subject  i stumbled on by accident ,One of the strangest subjects  and stories I Personally have ever heard The first video i posted about a year ago, Then i found more info.  The current date is January 2020.

The  incident occured from my understanding in Afghanistan in 2002,  Recently I came upon more info that im posting now. Keep your wits about you thats all i can say.



Here is another Short Video explaining more info about this subject,

We are constantly on the lookout for info that can confirm or Debunk This super interesting subject

And whether our government is conducting a mass coverup About these types of stories and

Not letting us know what we are really dealing with.


  Thanks for reading and checking us out.

UPDATE  07/21 …Here we have a more detailed version of a first person telling of this story ,Yes there is more much more on this story of The Giants Of Kandahar. look below.

What Do You Think Now?

The After Life

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The After Life

You might say we are in a afterlife right now. I Mean supposedly we have reincarnated on this planet many times.

According to experts. And past life regressionists claim of cases where the  regression subject recalled having experienced Many Many past lives.

But what about the After Life ? Is That Part of life Too? Where do we go for this part of Life ?

Now this all really confuses me.. Does it mean we are now in a After life ? It is After all the life before our next one ! So maybe it is a future After  Life. Or a Past life of the future.

So What part really is the Past Life? Is it the part where we go after we die? Or should I say After our Present Physical Bodies Wear out, And we that is our Souls exit the tired or sick body And float Up, Up to the ceiling,

Some recall looking down at the body. And can even recall who was in the room, What music was Playing all kinds of evidence of this really Happening. We float to the ceiling, Looking down at our old Bodies,

Then I Have heard soon we start our way down the Tunnel, Heading into the after life. Some say toward the light, Others say everything is the light.

Now when we get to the ending of the Tunnel is where it gets sketchy to me. Some say we go before a council of elders. These Elders are all dressed in white flowing robes.

Wearing long Beards and looking pretty  God like. Not sure who these elders are. Then it has been said there is some kind of Huge Screen Or something more Magical Maybe,

And our whole life`s Deeds are showing on this screen. And I Guess some type of commentary is also going on.


The Mueller Report

The Mueller Report

You could not Make this Stuff Up, Nobody would believe you.

But Here we are, A Short rundown of how we got here, Just for credibility`s sake. U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr is confirmed for his office by the Senate. Even though

Prior to his Senate confirmation  had raised concerns about a 19-page memo he  authored in June 2018 as a private citizen, detailing why he believed President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI .bill barr

Director James Comey a year earlier should not constitute obstruction of justice

That statement alone is very troubling Because it is very clear that was the exact reason for Comey’s Firing,

Trump said so.


special council mueller

At the time many concerns were kept private because he was only a citizen writing a report, But Trump obviously took notice. And after he fired

Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the very same Russian Investigation . Trump  called for Bill Barr as the replacement for Sessions.

Why Red Flags never flew all over Washington, Is a true mystery. But once again Here We Are.

Now the Mueller Report is out, Has Been for about 15 days, And Mr.Barr has no intention so far to release it to congress or anybody else.

Seems like corruption follows President Trump in everything he does, Everything he Touches turns corrupt or a lie.

Including all the Fools that defend his actions. Will Mr. Barr end up in Prison for defending Crime Boss Trump Too ?

We will have to wait and see how this shakes out.

TRUMP Coming Unhinged ?

trumps tune1

Trumpsnuts2TRUMP Coming Unhinged ?

Many Experts Agree Our President Donald J.Trump is showing signs of Instability, On  Mental evaluations from a distance, Let me add no body has evaluated The President for Mental Illness. In Person that is But many have commented from a distance. Of their opinions are to be believed Trump is slipping badly into a fog of Mental Illness.