• March 31, 2023

Sign Petition to try and remove the stinch

If you would like to show your dislike for congress women Green And Boebert  Just go here and sign it maybe we can remove some stink in this congress. go here

green and boebert state of union


As these two have been making all the problems they can think of. In no way are they helping the cause for more americans to live a better life, They just push more and more hate, Did you see them at Biden`s State Of The Union Address ? That’s a small example of the work they do for the People. So be sure to sign this petition at move on maybe it will help. go here 

If we can show the world how helpful they are maybe it will make a difference, They need to be shamed for how they act like traitors of our country. Even escorting Jan.6 protestors on tours of the capital to make the plans.