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The Giant Of Kandahar

The Giant Of Kandahar


This is a really weird subject  i stumbled on by accident ,One of the strangest subjects  and stories I Personally have ever heard The first video i posted about a year ago, Then i found more info.  The current date is January 2020.

The  incident occured from my understanding in Afghanistan in 2002,  Recently I came upon more info that im posting now. Keep your wits about you thats all i can say.



Here is another Short Video explaining more info about this subject,

We are constantly on the lookout for info that can confirm or Debunk This super interesting subject

And whether our government is conducting a mass coverup About these types of stories and

Not letting us know what we are really dealing with.Not sure about the good ol GOV. But this little flick is pretty eye opening.


  Thanks for reading and checking us out.

UPDATE  07/21 …Here we have a more detailed version of a first person telling of this story ,Yes there is more much more on this story of The Giants Of Kandahar. look below.

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