• March 31, 2023
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Trump Has Damaged The USA

Take a good hard look at the U.S.A. these days. Every since Donald Trump has been in office this country has gotten further away from a  great country the rest of the world looked up to as somewhere they would love to live. Or somewhere other countries would ask for help or guidance ,protection, technology, or help fighting hunger and poverty. Now days nobody wants to be here including many Americans. Trump has turned the U.S.A. into a laughing stock of the world, But nobody is laughing. The United States has become a disaster zone. Not just because we rank the highest death rate from Covid 19 virus, Or because our President is clueless of how to fight this or any other epidemic, So much so he has totally given up. Or the fact we elected the most unqualified  thoughtless coward we could find. To fill our highest office. The person we put into office seems to be holding our once great country hostage, Using our country as a cash machine for his over greedy family and rich cronies ,And breaking or changing every law that stands in his way. Yes Trump has damaged the U.S.A. Maybe beyond fixing. Its truly embarrassing to think what the rest of the world must be thinking. Im getting on in my years now like most of my friends. But our children and grand children have to try to keep on living in this mess Donald Trump has created for us. Like most good people i have taught my kids to be honest law abiding people who would much rather show love than hate and dishonesty. Now what they see as normal is to lie and cheat to get what you want, And hurting others by your actions is fair play. And dragging other people down and kicking dirt in their faces is fine as long as none gets in yours. Who really likes this kind of lifestyle, I cannot imagine what type of people really rallies around this man. Dont they see just what he is doing?  Almost daily you hear about another instance of some kind of dirty dealing by him or his close ties. Are we totally numb to this? Or like the headline says Trump Has Damaged The USA. My biggest question is How and Why does he keep getting away with this ?That is why I do not have much hope that a election is going to help our situation. I mean he just does whatever he wants to get the results he wants. His Criminal buddies have committed countless crimes been convicted then released by Trump like Roger Stone who today got his sentence commuted by Trump.  And he has recruited some big players to help him out. Have a look at Bill Barr just the amount of dirty deeds he has pulled for Trump would give most people life in prison. There is so much behind the scenes firings and hiring to stop investigations that would have ended much of this but it goes ignored. To stop my useless ranting ill just say again  Trump Has Damaged The USA, nuff said.