• March 31, 2023
usa in a mess

Our Democracy

Yes The United States is on a down ward slide

If we fail to bring to justice the terrorists that rioted in our capital (all of them ), Then we failed our democracy , If we do not hold accountable every last person that inflected damage to our Country and our Democracy on Jan. 6 2021 then we failed as a nation to protect Ourselves, Our Constitution and Our way of life is over.

If we stand by and let big time criminals posing as Our Government`s Congress who  run our country, only to match their needs, The hell with the truth or our laws. If we let them get away with  Spreading destructive lies while ruining of our Nation ,

Then Shame On Us.

Donald J. Trump In the name of the Big Lie has just about succeeded in ruining

The United States Of America, Just like he has in the past done to His Marriages, His Business, His Relationships, His Children, The Banks, The Kurds, And lets not forget the over half million Citizens who died of the Covid 19 virus when Trump refused to disclose the real dangers.

We must fight now more than ever before, This is truly Good vs. Evil. For some strange reason D.O.J. has appeared to not be showing much interests in DJT Criminal enterprise although its more than obvious to just about every one else D.O.J. has given it a pass. And we can only recall how much excitement and and anticipation we all had after the election looking forward to DJT being charged for some of his many crimes.

But surprises just keep coming and so far DJT is still committing crimes at will 18 months after the election. 12 of his crooney`s have been convicted of felonies, All though some were since pardoned.

We are a nation of cowards these days nobody who could make a difference will stand up and make a difference.

Everyone of our spineless republican senators are too afraid that DJT will turn on them thus ruin their hopes for re election so they sell out our country bending over to remain popular with Trump.

All they care about is keeping their cushy jobs and the perks that ride along, Forget about helping the people who voted for them and living a honest life. If you want something just cheat lie and take it.

And they will say or do anything to get what they want. Alot of them were curled up hiding on Jan. 6th. They forgot how scared they were. But to please DJT they say it was like a play day at the Capital Jan. 6th. They Should Be tried for Treason.Every one of them.

So the latest in D.J.T. Criminal enterprise He has stolen hundreds and hundreds of Top Secret documents while exiting the white house, documents belonging to United States Government , Our secrets we keep from the rest of the world. Are now being mishandled by Trump, and shared or sold to the highest bidder. I never even dreamed D.J.T. would go this far. But then again why not ?

We believe Trump has sold or trying to sell our secret documents, Just because of his relationship with big amounts of money. And his relationships with other countries who would Like stolen government documents, We do not believe he can resist

Can we imagine what nerve it takes to do this to our country ? And he has refused to return these documents D.O.J. had to get a warrant

D.J.T. purely has no class.

We will not even mention all the other crimes right now.