• March 31, 2023

What To Do With Trump

What do we Do With Trump ?

The guy is like the smell of a skunk ,Stinking up everything close by. He lost the election, But will not leave, Or let any one get any Peace ever since. Usually criminals are quiet after doing crimes,They do not want to attract attention to themselves,

But not Trump this fool just begs to get punished and no body will do it. I cannot believe how lawyers keep signing up to go to battle for him. Where does he find these losers ? Of course it is D.C. and all the many young up and coming lawyers would love to get their feet wet, sparring for a x prez. But your pride must kick in sometime, I Would Hope.

Just have a look at his past stable of fixers that went down in shame, Some careers totally ruined all for Trump. The list is Huge and we are talking just 4 years of Trumps crime filled existence .

jan 6th tourists

So how are we going to get rid of him?

I Thought my dreams were getting answered when Joe Biden got elected. And along with that we would get our new A.G. and things would soon start happening like they should, You know punish some of these traitors, like our laws have some meaning.And our Country deserves to be saved and protected from these backstabbing traitors. But no  it seems the only luck we have had is Bad Luck, When it comes to A.G.`s lately. Why will our A.G. not do his job ? And when we truly need him  in the worst way you could imagine. I Wish someone could answer that.

It seems we keep getting the worst possible outcomes when it comes to stopping Trump and the Republican House members from taking over our country and sending us into a lawless pro White society that steals wealth from the middle class, And cares less and less about the rest of the world or our Planet. We Need Help.

It would have been beautiful if our new A.G. would have got busy right out the gate and started putting the pressure on these crooks, They would have acted alot different if things were put in place to punish our elected officials who do not respect our laws. Then people would know we mean business, Right now we look like a joke, Letting one man with Questionable mental stability and very radical ideas force himself on all of us.

And call the shots for millions of us Americans. He lost the election…. And members of our congress threatening other members, And posting private info about members to put them in harms way. Who ever comes out against the Maga Movement will get the full treatment of being slandered and threatened and their loved ones put in harms way, By none other than Trump himself, We have seen it time and time again. Yet nothing ever happens about it ,And the next bad deed soon comes and replaces the last outrage and we start all over again.And it keeps on going.

What about some republican Congressmen, Women who have been caught for giving assistance to the rioters who broke into the capital on Jan.6th ? Yes thats right there is evidence that some members actually gave guided tours of the capital in the days just before Jan. 6th. Who got these tours? They were the very people that did the riot, same ones that assaulted the Capital Police on Jan. 6th. The ones that wanted to hang V.P. Mike Pence. The same ones Trump got all fired up telling them about having their votes stolen , And if they did not  go to the capital and fight like hell they would lose their country too. Same People.

Then what about the D.O.J. You know we still have that bunch of broken laws at the D.O.J. remember Trump appointed Jeff Clark at D.O.J. To lead the dept. so he could persuade The Secretary`s of State of all states Trump thought he won, To get them to change the votes in favor of Trump so he would remain in power. Jeff Clark drafted a letter,

Stating the big lie they should follow as per Trumps orders. We believe some laws were broke in this process. And lets not forget the call to Georgia Sec.of State Brad Raffensperger

A one hour Fantasy by Trump that was part begging part threatening at times very delusional ,His mental state was clearly off during this call, thick with

conspiracy theories that are border line crazy,Hard to believe he was our President. To hear him speak of these crazy foolish ideas.And he acts like he believes this stuff.

Without a real A.G. fighting the good fight for us we are basically screwed, No other way to say it. Dont know why Biden has hot spoken up about this, I know he does not want to look like he is trying to punish his rival. But surely he has noticed the no show put on by Garland.

Everyday that goes by further and further we are losing our hold on our way of

life ,Our Democracy and our freedoms are close to being a thing we used to enjoy.

We have come very close, Hope we can hang on to her. Can you imagine another round with Trump at the helm ? It would be all over in so many ways.

But not such of a stretch the Trump base although shrinking still huge millions and millions of poor fools who bought the lie.


So what to do with Trump is not so easy.

Because Trump is still involved in a ongoing coup still. Him and his team of ass kissers are still planning to upset (cheat) on the up coming elections they are putting there yes men into state offices like election officials  and Secretary Of State. so they can steal the next ones, Having a man in place for all states they figure will seal the deal for stealing the vote.